Quotas for Currie Cup, Super Rugby?

 Apr 23,2014
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The South African Rugby Union are set to discuss the reintroduction of the quota system into the local game in order to align itself with the demands made by the Minister of Sport on the game's transformation.

SARU president Oregan Hoskins hinted that rugby will need to make “radical, drastic, immediate changes” to comply with the pressure being brought upon it by the Sports Ministry.

This after the government met SARU and other federations regarding the proposed changes. These changes also include the possible reintroduction of quotas into the Currie Cup and Super Rugby tournaments.

Hoskins, has, however, committed rugby to embrace changes, and views it as 'a positive' – even though it might not be ideal in the short term.

Sports mininster Fikile Mbalula recently threatened prevent sports federations from competing on the international stage if there wasn't a 60/40 split between black and white players in future national teams, saying the pace of transformation was to slow amongst the various sporting federations.

Hoskins conceded that rugby “doesn’t have a choice but to comply” and committed SARU and all 14 provincial union to “meet the challenges as rugby and tackle it head on” to bring prode to South Africa.

“With the amount of pressure that we are under now by the Minister of Sport to change at the highest level, we’ve been told in no uncertain terms that there needs to be a radical, drastic and immediate change,” Hoskins told Supersport.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Hoskins has done a thesis on transformation in rugby and why the game loses so much black talent. He believes rugby needs to break the “glass ceiling” that currently exists for black players.

“There is a glass ceiling for black players,” he added.

“I’ve researched this in doing my MBA, I’ve spoken to all players across the board and there are a whole lot of reasons why players don’t make it – including coaching and administrators’perceptions of their abilities and coaches not having the confidence in players in a particular position.”

Hoskins said though that there atshould not be a quota at national level, with the Springbok team still being picked solely on merit. He will report back on his meetings with Mbalula at the next Exco and President’s forum meetings – set for the next month and expects Saru to embrace the challenge set out by government.

If enough players come through the ranks, then Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer will have a great deal more to choose from on merit in making the Springbok side representative of the country as a whole.

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