Blitzbokke crash out in Hong Kong

 Mar 30,2014
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World Series leaders South Africa will have to settle for a shot at the Plate after losing to England 14-7 in the quarter-finals of the Hong Kong Sevens.

The Blitzbokke will face the USA in the Plate semi-final later on Sunday.

Fiji, England, New Zealand and Australia are in contention to take home the title.


Cup Final: TBC v TBC (Kickoff: 19:00 local, 11:00 GMT)

Cup Semi-Finals: Fiji v England, New Zealand v Australia

Cup Quarter-Finals: Fiji 17-5 USA, England 14-7 South Africa, Australia 14-12 Canada, New Zealand 28-5 Wales



Plate Final: TBC v TBC (Kickoff: 17:55 local, 09:55 GMT)

Plate Semi-Finals: USA v South Africa, New Zealand v Australia



Bowl Final: Scotland v France (Kickoff: 17:30 local, 09:30 GMT)

Bowl Semi-Finals: Scotland 24-12 Argentina, Samoa 0-26 France

Bowl Quarter-Finals: Kenya 12-26 Scotland, Argentina 7-5 Spain, Samoa 33-14 Sri Lanka, France 19-14 Portugal



Shield Final: Kenya v Portugal (Kickoff: 17:05 local, 09:05 GMT)

Shield Semi-Finals: Kenya 12-7 Spain, Sri Lanka 19-24 Portugal


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