Best and worst South African rugby kits

 Nov 20,2013
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South Africa’s rugby team has gained a reputation as being one of the best in the world. In fact, as of October 21st, the South African rugby union team was second in the IRB World Rankings – a testament to the team’s talent and ability.

However, while they may wow with their skills on the field, their kit choices haven’t always been the greatest. Here, we’ve picked out the best and worst kit that the Springboks have had over the years:

The Best:

Springbok 2013

Sometimes it’s best to ditch the fancy, modern designs when it comes to rugby kits and go for something more traditional. This is exactly what the Springboks have done with their 2013 jersey.

While the shirt is understated, it is distinctly South African. With a deep-green base colour and standout gold detailing, the simple design draws attention to the embroidered team and rugby logos. The focus really is on the rugby here and rightly so: after all, it’s not a fashion show.

The muted design of this shirt means it will slip right in with an everyday wardrobe, making it the perfect option for fans to show their support for their team in unquestionable style. Available from retailers like Activinstinct, why not bag this shirt and back your team during the Castle Lager Outgoing tour?

The Worst:

Blitzbokke 2011/2012

When you first look at the Blitzbokke kit, you may think there is nothing wrong with it. Certainly the shirt, featuring a pattern made from strokes of different shades of green, looks the part. Continuing the team colours of green and gold, any member of the South African Sevens team would be proud to sport this jersey.

However, cast your eye over the shorts that accompany the shirt and you may need to do a double take. We can only assume that these shorts were designed by Superman himself, with the continuation of the green pattern creating a rather odd contour. From a distance, it looks like the team are sporting an oversized pair of Y-fronts that your dad would wear.

Thankfully, these shorts never made it onto the field and were replaced by a more muted white pair. The kit was used solely for training (and comedy) purposes.

Do you agree? What is your favourite South African rugby kit?

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