SARU wants fewer derbies

 Nov 13,2013
Written by: Editor

SARU president Oregan Hoskins wants to see a 17-team Super Rugby tournament with less local derbies and including an Argentine team.

The Super Rugby format is set to change from 2016 when a new broadcast deal takes effect and Hoskins wants the current 15-team format to change.

Currently, teams are placed in three groups based on country. While they play overseas teams across the conferences, they face teams from their own country twice on a home and away basis.

Hoskins, in an interview with the <i>Cape Times</i>, said he’d like to see the 17 teams play each other in a one-off round-robin format. That would mean all teams in the tournament play each other with fewer local derbies.

SARU will table Hoskins’ proposal at a SANZAR meeting in Dublin next week.

He feels South African teams play against each other too often in an already gruelling season. Hoskins also said the public interest in local derbies has waned with teams also facing each other twice in the Currie Cup later in the year.

He added that the two teams they’d like to be added are the Kings and a team from Argentina.

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