Watson full of regrets

 Jan 28,2013
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Kings skipper Luke Watson has admitted to, and expressed shame and embarrassment for, some of his controversial statements which landed him in trouble a few seasons ago.

Watson admitted for the first time that he said South African rugby was ‘run by Dutchmen’ but was remorseful about the comment.

"I have tried to deny it in the past, but the fact of the matter is I slipped up and made a mistake," he told SportsTalk in a radio interview.

"In a heated debate and discussion, I used those words.

"It is the one thing in my life that I regret more than anything. In a heated moment, I took out my anger and my frustration, all the hurt and the tough times I have been through in my life.

"It’s something that even to this day I am deeply ashamed and deeply embarrassed about, because I have loads of Afrikaans friends, loads of people in my life that have supported me and invested in me in the Afrikaans community."

The former Springbok loose forward revealed that it had not been his intention to discriminate against Afrikaans people but that he wanted to highlight the imbalances and the inequality which he believed existed in South African rugby.

"I never meant it in that regard," he explained.

"Do I believe that there is still a massive need for transformation in this South African rugby? Yes.

"Do I believe that South African rugby is still controlled by white people? Yes. Black people are not afforded the same opportunities that they should be afforded. The black community is not invested in, in the way it should be."

Watson said he is committed to doing his best to promote top flight rugby in the Eastern Cape and wants to make a "constructive contribution" and be a "good role model" for young rugby players in the future. 

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