Rathbone Declines Jake’s Offer

 Feb 11,2012
Written by: Quintin van Jaarsveld

Clyde Rathbone has turned down on offer from Jake White to join the Brumbies.

White offered his former South African Under-21 captain an opportunity to join the squad for training over the next month to assess whether he passes the requirements to return to Super Rugby.

Rathbone, who recently opened up about his lifelong battle with depression, said he entertained the offer but came to the conclusion that it’s not the right time.

The former Wallaby winger confirmed that he will officially decline White’s invitation on Monday, but didn’t rule out a comeback altogether.

''You don't get second chances, they don't pop up every day and my first reaction was that I was going to do it,'' Rathbone said.

''But if I was going to do it, it had to be for the right reasons. I have to make sure every day I get up I'm doing what I want for me.

''There's too much going on in my life that I'm really excited about and I had to make the decision whether to give that up.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about it. Rugby is still important to me, but I'm at that point where it is in my past.''

''When Jake pitched it to me I thought, 'shit, this is my fairytale.

''I would be happier to be able to finish on my own terms with one more good season under my belt before calling it quits.

''As a player you always think there are a certain set of circumstances which could fall into place and have you running back on the field.

''Instead of fantasising about it, it became a reality - no other coach would have called me and the youthful Brumbies squad made [it] more appealing.

''But I had to remove the emotion from the story … what I'm doing [in my life] now excites me more [than playing rugby again].''


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