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9959 Topic: Franvois Steyn - gunny selection

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Franvois Steyn - gunny selection
July 03, 2014, 12:23:17

It is interesting to note that White selected Swiel - and not Francois Steyn at flyhalf for th game on Sunday.  

The problem with Steyn remains his wobbly knee.   It must have woken White up to the fact that Steyn routinely miss kicks t goal n the last 30 minutes of games.    This is a key game for the Sharks to win - so they cannot afford to take chances with Steyn in this situation.  

Problem is that Steyn was not a good performer at 12 at all this year - he was the worst inside center of all 12's in the whole Super 15 series.  So what is he going to produce opn Saturday?  Another question is his wobbly ball handling and defense going to improve on Saturday   


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RE: Franvois Steyn - gunny selection
July 03, 2014, 13:12:37
Load of horse[removed] Mike - Frans has been good for the Sharks and Boks at 12 


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RE: Franvois Steyn - gunny selection
July 03, 2014, 14:02:28
 A girl

It is not horse[removed] - anything but.  Frans produced nothing for the Boks in 2012 and has not played for them since then.

This year for the first match of Super 15 he looked good and on the cone back trail.  Since then he has gone backwards in every game he played at center.  He is the only SA 12 who -

*    never once made a line break after his first game for the Sharks this year;
*    in all the games he played in broke the least number of tackles of any 12 in SA;
*    is the only 12 in SA that has not scored a single try;
*    had most possession losses of any player in the competition;
*    gave away more penalties than any other SA 12;
*    has the worst tackle stats of any SA 12.

That is definitely not be a record to be proud of.   He has been protected by White - any other coach would not have been that patient.   Probably the result of the knee injury he is carrying.  


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