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9947 Topic: Lessons from the Soccer World Cup....Defence

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Lessons from the Soccer World Cup....Defence
July 02, 2014, 12:17:37

Yesterday we saw two substantially superior teams, Argentina and Belgium being taken to extra time by Switzerland and the USA. Exceptionally close defence by Switzerland and superb goal tending in the case of the USA blunted some of soccer's sharpest weapons.


This is a timely lesson as we swoon over the talents of Willie, Folau and Ben Smith...waiting with anticipation for a RC chock full of the beautiful game. We may very well get what we want in 2014.....2015 will be a different story.


Every RWC has had an ugly final.....going all the way back to 1995. Take the last final between the ABs and France. The AB running game wasn't contained, it never appeared. In a grim encounter, the ref became the most important figure in a match of competing defences. 


Don't expect anything different next year....the winner will have a superb defence and a kicker with ice in their veins. They will also play the rule book with great finesse.


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RE: Lessons from the Soccer World Cup....Defence
July 02, 2014, 13:11:01

Whay you say is necessary as to defense is true.  That in reality is why players like Alberts, Francois Steyn and Morne Steyn should not be anywhere near the WC team - all three have serious deficiencies in defense.

The above requirements mean that the Tight  5 should play a massive role in the WC final - and the selection of the tight 5 players should be based on their physical ability and competence - nothing else.   Are players like Bakkies Botha and Matfield still capable of competing physically with the younger generation of locks?   I really do not think so.   

Most of the players you think should be in the squad failed the selfsame principles you set above in 2011 and the question is what will the difference be in 2015?


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