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937 Topic: Being Meyer

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Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 01:32:12

Ok, so ive given thought as to how Meyer is probably going to think...


For starters... lets look at how he coached the Bulls.

He does like a fairly conservative approach to start, but as seen in the past.... if the game opens up, he is well prepared with ammo.


So... As with any coach, I'm sure he will stick with who and what he knows...

So for all you boo hoo men out there, i have news for you...

He will pick Spies at 8. Why??? Cos he knows Spies's game

He will pick Morne at 10. Why??? Cos he knows Mornes game and it suits his coaching style.


Also look out for Chilliboy, Juandre, Zane and possibly even Meisie.


However I dont see him being foolhardy and picking a guy like Meisie ahead of JDV or Frans.


So... How does this sound:


1. . Coenie maybe? Please not Greyling!

2. Bizmark (with Strauss or Chilliboy on the bench)

3 CJ (why look any further? He is mobile and an F'ing good scrummager)

4. Bekker

5. Juandre (Etsebeth on the bench)

6. Brussouw

7. ... hell i can't think of anyone. Its getting late. Minnie??

8. S[removed]

9. Hougaard

10. Morne (with Elton on the bench)

11. Habana

12. Frans

13. Juan or JDV

14 JP

15. Lambo

PS: Ive only picked fit players to play.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 10:34:13

Can't say I like the pack to much Flash.

It could be a close call between Beast and Coenie. Counting in beasts favour though is that he appears to scrum better than Coenie and Meyer will most likely go for the expereinced sharks front row as an established unit.

Juandre is I believe unlikely to get it before Etzebeth - the best lock in Sa right now - but who knows.

Elstadt is a certainty at 7. Spies - well some think Meyer can get him going. I am sure he will be picked as will another doubtful one - Brussow. Spies and brussouw will have their chance and will need to deliver. Burger and Vermuelen will be back  to compete for these two postions which I believe they should own.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 10:36:35

@ FlasJust a few comments, oppiions as such.

1, I think CJ is a bit over the wall, but hell we don't have a tes quality tighthead in SA

2. I won't start with Bekker and Juandre in the same team, they are both lineout kingpins, where is your grunt?

your issue with seven - They call him Marcell Coetzee

3. If you ppick Lambie on Fullback i'd rather pick Peter Grant on the bench, he can play 12 as well.

The rest I am okay with. Won't neceserilty be who i think will play or whao I would prefer, But i will be okay with them.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 11:01:00




Yeah.. sorry guys. it was late last night that i posted that.

  1. I have to agree on Juandre and Bekker
  2. Same with Beast (i actually forgot about him)
  3. But i stil think CJ is awesome.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 11:09:56

I think as a general mrule, we won't have many surprises for the tests. Meyer is going to get as many experienced players as possible for the series. So expect Spies, Morne, JDV etc to keep their places. Also, he is going to go with the established Beast rather than Coenie, right or wrong, this is the route he'll go. As for Hooker, Bizzie will start and Chilli will be on the bench. If it is a 50/50 toss-up between Chilli and Strause, they will go with the player of colour. I don't want to get into the the race thing, PLEASE. Chilli has earned it as much as Strauss has though...and he has managed to avoid injury for quite a while....which might be why he has hit a bit of form. Only the Locks and loosie spots are still up for grabs, I think the rest of the team kinda picks itself....from Meyers point of view anyway.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 11:22:18

Hi Blue, I clearly understand your argument on Chilli, as it stands it is about a 50/50 toss up between him and Adriaan strauss, so by him selcting Chilli he won't be picking a less capable player so no issues with Chilli there instead of Strauss.

As you mentioned in all likelyhood if he has two players of the same quality the one a player of colour he is going to go with the player of colour. Hell all of us have a boss to answer to And no problems with that. one player will always lose out if they are both of the same quality.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 11:47:06

Wow Flash you have strange tastes in players!! Minnie?????????CJ???????????

For a start Minnie is a 6 and a pretty average one at that. How have you missed the likes of Elstadt, Vermeulen, Schalk, J.Strauss, M.Coetzee, Alberts, Deysel, v/d Walt, J.Potgieter, D.Potgieter, CJ.Stander and A.Botha as possible 7's.

CJ is past it, Jannie is far better with young Malherbe as the back-up. CJ does not even make the Lions starting side.

Coenie ahead of Beast - no chance - Beast has been at his distructive best since his return from injury.

Eztebeth is twice the player Jeandre Kruger is. With the loss of Bakkies, Etzebeth's physicality is a must.

Taute is my choice for 13, Jean is past it and de Jongh is not physical enough


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 13:02:02



as mentioned... it was getting late.

Yeah agree on Minnie. Just couldnt think of any fit 7's.

But def not Potgieter. My god he has been shown up!

...Alberts... needs to rediscover his best form.

...Vermulen, Schalla are injured

Coetzee... now u talking!


Taute at 13? not yet. He is a diamond... but still to rough on the edges to be an international 13.

Id rather have him on the bench as a sub for 15 and 13


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 15:40:31

Flash, which Potgieter has been exposed? Neither have in my books. Taute is ready for test rugby without a doubt


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 16:25:08


I recall him being bounced on a number of occasions at international level.

I dunno mate... In my opinion, we have many other options.


He isnt the worst... but by no means is he anywhere near the best.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 16:33:47

Yeah good player but down the list of options for the Boks at 7


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RE: Being Meyer
May 17, 2012, 19:27:54

Its tough for Meyer. So spoilt for choice !


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RE: Being Meyer
May 18, 2012, 07:22:14

Dewalt's bouncing as you like to call it was a bit concerning for his career, because at a stage there i was really under the impresion that he could be our next bok captain. I like his leadership cpabilities and his fluency when he speaks to the media. I get the impression that he is quite an itelligent oke as well.


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RE: Being Meyer
May 18, 2012, 08:03:49

Flashdakota - I lookd at your selections and started to wonder about the viewpoints of some posters.   Let me explain please.   CJ van der Linde was bought by the Stormers for a massive amount and they were keen enough to get rid of him asap.   Would they - if he was of any use?   I think the Stormers correcty identified him as not worth their money and they started to play Kitshoff and Malherbe - rather than the proverbial has been.    Meyer probably will go for the Sharks front row - with some youngster back up.

I was not overly impressed by Kruger's work rate - he comes a distant second to Etzebeth and I doubt whether he would make it.   Meyer may fancy his Bulls players - but I do not think he is suicidal from a job perspective.   Etzebeth is the first selection at lock with Bekker a certainty.

Both Spies and Brussouw has gone back badly this year - Spies may survive but if he continues as at present he would not last long.    My loosies will be the key to the Stormers defence - namely Elstadt, Bekker and Vermeulen .   So anyone else is on short lease till they return from fitness.   A strong candidate back up candidate is young Coetzee.   Meantime - with no better prospects - the selection is likely to be Elstadt and Coetzee - with the show pony at 8.

In the backline I am sure that Meyer would select Steyn and Hougaard - but the question mark remains Steyn.   He is not the best flyhalf in SA.   He is good in the kicking game - but poor in the attacking game and lost in defence when the opposition runs at him.  Best choice remains Goosen with Lambie as back up.

Is Frans over-rated?   He will have to play rugby on higher level if selected - since thus far this year he played on French club level - ie more or less equl to Curry Cup level and NOT ON SUPER 15 LEVEL - and his international performance may be questioned.     If he performs - he is a certainty.   However, although very strong Steyn is painfully slow and that could ultimately count against him.

I think De Jong is too small at center and the automatic choice is De Villiers - with Taute as the future selection wihtin the next two years - to be ready for the next WC.    The back up in the longer term could in fact be Jordaan   

I cannot see how Pietersen can be selected ahead of Aplon.   The Sharks did Pietersen no favour by playing him at 13 - where he was badly out of depth and his return to wing was not a real success story.   In the romp against the Force he was very, very average.    Please spare me the comments from the chronic moaner about De Villiers being too old and Aplon being to light.

The bench should be very interesting.   I think that Pienaar is an absolute certainty - as he can play in a number of different positions.    Other possibilities are Taute and Pieterse - by far the best performing full back in SA this year.   Another option would be Grant.

Amongst the forwards - I think the Bench could be Oosthuizen and Malherbe - was a bit disappointed in Kitzhoff recently.     Chilliboy is a certainty on the bench.     Then comes the others - possibly Kruger - but I am totally unsure about the bench prior to the return to fitness of Bekker and Vermeulen.     Taking into account everything the chances are that Brussouw may figure somewhere in the short term - in the longer term he is OUT.

So the team will be as follows:-

     1     The Beast

     2.    Bismarck Du Plessis

     3     Jannie Du Plessis 

     4     Etzebeth

     5     Bekker

     6     Coetzee

     7     Elstadt

     8     Spies

     9     Hougaard   

    10    Steyn

    11   Habana

    12    Steyn

    13    De Villiers

    14    Aplon

    15   Lambie

Bench    :    16 Chilliboy

                     17  Oosthuizen

                    18   Malherbe

                    19  Kruger

                    20   Pienaar

                    21   Grant

                    22   Pieterse/ Taute

I would lay a few bets on most of the above. 


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RE: Being Meyer
May 18, 2012, 08:42:29

 Clevermike, I think you are quite close, just aplon might be JP - because of his experience.  Pienaar? - is he available?  

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