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7839 Topic: Charles Piutau to play centre?

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Charles Piutau to play centre?
January 20, 2014, 11:20:41

Interesting if it's true. I reckon this guy has the skills to shine in just about any position he tries his hand at.

Could be good news for the All Blacks if this gamble comes off because they have wings and fullbacks to burn but they're looking a bit thin at #13 if Conrad Smith gets crocked.


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RE: Charles Piutau to play centre?
January 20, 2014, 11:24:06
Yeah good move by the Kiwi's 


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RE: Charles Piutau to play centre?
January 20, 2014, 11:48:17
I agree, Piutau is a super talented player & it would be great if he could play center. He doesn't have the same skills Conrad has - different type of player so we would have to see how his style blends into the team.

No worries for SA supporters though, the endless supply of talent in NZ is not a problem & you are all confident about 2014, right?:ermm:

sasuke uchiha

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RE: Charles Piutau to play centre?
January 20, 2014, 14:35:04
maybe for the spXV trials its a good idea, but while i agree about his skill set being of the highest order, i am a little skeptical about the success piutau would get if moved to 13.

with the RWC around the corner, IMO theres no chance of a midfield appearance for piutau in black, theres just not enough time any more with the RWC two RC/4nats away.

for the blues u have maa nonu who will be the in[removed]bent 12, and francis saili the No13, with jackson wilionson ready to cover either of them should the need arise>
so really hard to see how piutau playing in the centers is even possible when the in[removed]bents are all fit.

main reason why piutau is even being considered at center is cos kirwan who i respect as a player, is IMO a mong coach.
good players dont make good coaches, just look at blackadder and mackenzie.

the arrival of benji has made kirwan convinced hes the next league convert success story after folau.
many might not realise that kirwan was one of the first people to try and snap up folaus signature for the blues.

after watching folaus meteoric rise, kirwan IMO is getting a bit of the 'if onlys' and is looking for the same return with benji at 15.
the stupid thing is kirwan is prepared to chance this at the expense of moving piutau out of 15 where he was one of the spXVs best last year.

agree that All Blacks stocks are low, but its not dire. All Blacks will have the services of SBW in 2015,
nonu the impervious to injury machina is still there
ryan crotty who has never let us down despite his limited chances
and last but not least robbie fruean, who under the guidance of master coaches dave rennie and wayne smith, will soon be all the cover that snake needs IMO as i predict 2014 to be his standout year.

IMO leave piutau at 15 for the blues, and as All Blacks outside backs cover for the bench.

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