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6914 Topic: Oh dear....SA cricketers caught cheating again...

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Oh dear....SA cricketers caught cheating again...
October 25, 2013, 22:36:03

...Bean Brain you yarpies are shockers mate. You have to win by hook or by crook by the looks tsk tsk.. Another shamefull chapter in yr country's sporting history .Two black marks in one week no less lol. You seem to know no shame.

That'll be a hundred and fifty more Hail Marys Brother Bueno although not much help of yr salvation as it looks like you lot are going to hell in a handbasket .


 Another scandal in South Africa's pursuit of a series-levelling victory against Pakistanas it was marred on the third day of the second Test in Dubai when they were penalised five runs for ball tampering today.


While Pakistan launched a belated fightback to save the match, South Africa tried to shake off accusations of ball tampering after umpires Ian Gould and Rod Tucker concluded that the ball's condition had been changed contrary to the rules of the game.


South African captain Graeme Smith was notified of the decision during a terse exchange with the on-field officials in the 31st over of Pakistan's second innings and the ball was replaced from a box carried on to the pitch by fourth umpire Shozab Raza.

Gould also signalled a five run-penalty, effectively accusing the top-ranked Test side of seeking to unnaturally alter the state of the ball

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