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6765 Topic: Wit from Newlands Cricket ground.

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Wit from Newlands Cricket ground.
October 14, 2013, 13:11:29

The heat and slow game was making Castle Corner very restless...Ted Dexter, the English captain was fielding on the far boundary. Ted Dexter had entered politics in England and was a Conservative (Tory) candidate and prior to the tour the Labour party had won the elections with Harold Wilson becoming Prime Minister. Anyway Dexter was showing his frustration due to the discomfort of the heat and tedious batting. Every time a ball was bowled he walked in only in vain...the batsman blocking each ball with no runs...they had been for a few hours with scant runs on the board. Each time Dexter walked back to the boundary position covered in perspiration he was shaking his head and muttering to himself. A spectator who obviously had been indulging in the Charles Glass brew suddenly stood up in the crowds and in a loud voice addressed Ted Dexter with the question:


"Dexter are you suffering from Labour pains?"


This broke the tension (even the dour Dexter burst into laughter) and the crowd roared with laughter.


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