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6520 Topic: Is Kirchner

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Is Kirchner
September 29, 2013, 23:22:14

a test rugby player or just a desperate choice as our Bok fullback?  What about his counter attacking ability when the opportunity presents itself?  Defensively, is he good enough to be our last man to stop the opposition from scoring tries?

I personally think I have seen some changes in some of his former weakness, in the last two test matches.  I don't know how long this will last, mind you, he's off to Leinster after the RC.     


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RE: Is Kirchner
September 29, 2013, 23:25:33
He had a very good test yesterday. But I'm still not convinced, especially in terms of tackling 


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RE: Is Kirchner
September 29, 2013, 23:44:21
 He is a solid player but I would still prefer Lambie who has more Xfactor from the back.


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RE: Is Kirchner
September 29, 2013, 23:57:13

 Ntanga, a fullback is likely to be beaten most times 1 on 1 by a good attacker that has broken the line and in open play. They have way too many options and support players whilst the fullback has only one option and that is to try replicate what the attacker is thinking to make the tackle. Attacker holds all the cards.


Kirchner is not bad. He has never been bad. He is just simply not anything more than an average fullback. Dagg is great and he is probably a worse defender 1 on 1 than Kirchner. No doubt. Dagg gets bounced clean off a lot. He is not a strong defender but he is still a special player because his job is not to tackle all day. His job is to disuse bombs, clean up any loose ball at the back and create opportunities from there to get his team back on the front foot, be a creative link in the backline and score tries and that he does well. Kirchner is not great defensively, he does not do enough to get us any advantage from poor kicks, he is not a creative genius like Dagg. He is just a plug that fills a hole and no more.


I dont think SA has a great fullback and thats why I recommend JP Pietersen. He MIGHT become one. He is big. He doesn't have a step but rather glides/sways from side to side in his change of direction and incredible pace that often sees him break defensive lines. He is a better long term option than Kirchener. Willie is a better wing than fullback and Habana occupies the other wing. Maybe its time to invest in JP where he started for the Boks..At 15.


Im not sure what his current contract says about him playing for the Boks though.


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RE: Is Kirchner
September 30, 2013, 00:38:55



Although I in the main agree with you on the issues raised - I do not think that Pietersen is really the answer at full back.   He is a strong runner with ball in hand - but not particularly speedy.   For a wing he is actually on the slow side.   He has other attributes that makes him a very good wing.   Is he speedy enough to be a good full back - not sure of that one and would prefer him on the wing.  Kirchner is definitely faster than he is.


I do prefer to rather see the development of the best two young full backs at present playing CC rugby - as future prospects.  They are SP Marais -- the full back of the Kings in Super 15 this year - who is now playing for the Sharks and Marnitz Boshoff of the Lions.   Both have speed and ball sense in their favour.   Over time those two will be star full backs of the future - especially Marais who has amazing skills both in attack and in defence.




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RE: Is Kirchner
September 30, 2013, 10:56:22
 i think lambie is one of those guys who couldnt survive the musical chairs and finds himself way dow the pecking order at 10, 12 and 15. sadly i dont think he'll be on the scene much longer unless he digs deep. kirchner statistics are very good in assists and tries for the bulls and hes been about as good as anybody on defence. you guys had it inb for monty but in the end we all saw he was a quality player. to be honest i cant think of a really quality defender at 15 in almost any side. the irish fella is pretty much way ahead of everybody in all departments. i think meyer should stick to kirchner at the back and build up that back three with le roux in his best position. its pretty classy right now and will get better with experience.


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RE: Is Kirchner
September 30, 2013, 11:16:55
 I agree with you guys.  Kirchner has received a lot of criticism for being too conservative as a fullback player, but I think he's basically doing what HM tells him to do.  I think his game plan has been changed lately, due to fact that Le Roux covers the fullback position when Kirchner advances.   

@ Ihi, Rob Kearney is a class full back player, but he's one of those injury prone players  too.  He's had this recurrence back problem for some time, its like Paul O'Connell, same back problem that has kept both of them out of the crucial matches      


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RE: Is Kirchner
September 30, 2013, 13:49:20
I nearly fell of my chair when I saw him actually attack the line with a good solid crash ball run.

Still, he's not for me. He looks like the local pusher on the street corner and at times I wonder when last he saw a bar of soap.

I would definitely insist he cut his hair if I were coach ... not that he would be in the mix in any case.

Rob Kearney is an awesome player. Ntanga ... I'm sure I'd be able to convince you to give up your left nut for his Bok inclusion ... right??

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