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6338 Topic: Fans left disappointed on Auckland Waterfront

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Fans left disappointed on Auckland Waterfront
September 18, 2013, 16:44:46

 About 400 fans who had gathered in Shed 10 on Auckland's waterfront to see the racing on the big screen were left disappointed by the postponement. 

But the crowd was confident Team New Zealand would go on to win and excited to be part of the vibe,  which some had travelled a long way for.

"We came up from Tauranga yesterday especially to see this and be amongst the atmosphere. It's electrifying to be honest," said Ken Campbell, 70.

The fact that New Zealand can keep up with the resources of a team like Oracle USA was an impressive feat and worth every taxpayer dollar, Campbell said.

"We are a little wee country and just to see how well we are performing among the top ranks, it is unreal. It is out of our pockets but I think it is all worth it in the long run, it's money well spent, exposure for New Zealand," he said.

Some had travelled even further to offer some trans tasman support for Team New Zealand.

"It's a shame it got postponed this morning, I am pretty hopeful for New Zealand tomorrow," said Captain Lee Goddard, Commanding Officer on the Australian Navy warship the HMAS Perth currently docked in the Auckland Harbour.

While his current support lies with the Kiwis and his freshly purchased red socks, Captain Goddard, a keen sailor, hoped a New Zealand victory could eventually lead to an Australian challenge.

"I think it is exciting that the cup could come back to Auckland, and to be honest with you I would like to see the Australians return to an Australian challenge in a few years time," Goddard said.

Auckland Councillor Michael Goudie, is also eager to see the cup return to Auckland and tourists return to the viaduct.

"It would be pretty rad. Last time they talked about around $1 billion worth of injection into the economy so it was a catalyst for a lot of the development that went on down here. There is already a cool vibe so if we could add to that it would be super sweet," Goudie said.

Despite Oracle previously appearing slightly superior in high winds, Goudie would have like to see Team New Zealand show their stuff in the rough conditions.

"We probably dodged a bullet potentially, but I would like to think we would like to clean them up in some high winds," he said.

Taking control of the rules as the cup holder offered some fascinating potential for some Kiwi flavour if ITM Fishing Show host Matt Watson had his way.

"On our home patch when we get to amend the rules I would like to throw in one where perhaps you have to trawl a lure. Before you cross the finish line you have to land a Kingi," Watson said.

"Just throwing it out there because I know just the man to be on the boat to help you out with that one."   

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