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6284 Topic: Refs should be Reffed

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Refs should be Reffed
September 16, 2013, 13:59:55

 After the fall out from the Auckland test match, I can't think of a single South African that agree with the Ref, for the All Black supporters, they don't seem to mind and they keep harping on about the second offence to justify the sending off. 


The point is, if decisions go against you and cost you the match then surely there should be a mechanism where a review can be lodged against the refs call. 


Cricket has the DRS and hawk eye to appeal a decision, i know it would be a bit trickier but perhaps a match umpire can be created to allow teams to appeal during the game, but they will only be able to do it once. 


Yes, some might say the boks were bad on the night, we don't know if they would have improved but to play 60 min with only 14 men puts a lot of strain on a team. 


I think the boks could have won and if they didn't, they would have been able to either secure a bonus point or prevent New Zealand from scoring a bonus point. 

This will all count and the boks could lose the tournament due to one bonus point difference. 


I also think that the last 10 minutes showed that the all blacks can buckle under pressure, there were loads of infringes done when the boks were threatening their goal line, the first wast Nonu's thuggish shoulder charge, the second was killing the ball at the break down by smith, slowing it down, the third was the tackle in the air. The all blacks lost the plot towards the end and had it been 15 men with a smaller points margin, things could have been different.


I am actually really pissed off at the blatant fouls by the all blacks to prevent the boks from getting a bonus point, but then again, that sums up how they play. Will cheat at anything to win. No sportsmenship what so ever.


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RE: Refs should be Reffed
September 16, 2013, 14:03:37

Referees are assessed after every game and, where necessary, action is taken against them.


Not sure why you would be calling for this kind of assessment or review when this has already been the case pretty much ever since the game went professional . . . which was almost 20 years ago!


Do try to keep up.


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RE: Refs should be Reffed
September 16, 2013, 14:28:09

 My point here is to contest dodgy decision and not wait till after the game when the match is over, it does absolutely nothing other than get rid of a dodgy reff for a while

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