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6257 Topic: Heyneke Meyer, you better read this

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Heyneke Meyer, you better read this
September 15, 2013, 05:34:52

Your team is completely on the wrong track. Completely.

Do you know what wins matches? Apart obviously from the correct strategy and tactics: winning player combinations.

You need players that work in perfect combination with others players TO BREAK the defense of the ALL Blacks. Matches are generally won by WINNING PLAYER COMBINATIONS that work together to achieve a goal at a higher speed and with precision.  There's a total lack of COHESION in the South African team.

Winning attack and defense combinations:

It's the scrumhalf passing the ball to the flyhalf to kick a drop-goal ... Did we see Steyn even position himself ONCE for a drop goal when the team couldn't get through the All Black defense? NO. Not once.

It's the centre pair throwing a dummy or scizzors and other moves to confuse the defense.

It's the wing and the full back working together to take the high ball.

It's the centers taking the INITIATIVE to dribble or chip the ball through the All Black defense, when they cannot get through the defense. NOT a single player tried to chip or dribble the ball through the All Black defense when they couldn't get through the defense. The only other time the chip over the defense was tried, on the goal line, it resulted in a try for Patrick Lambie. And If there is only one defender left between yourself and the goal line and you are isolated, what do you do? ... chip over... chase down, try.

As a coach, you have to accept that the first half has to contain a little more kicking - to open the game up, the first half has to be a little more unpredictable. The All Black players are fully rested and they have more energy for defense. So your team needs to first scatter the defenders a bit, to be able to exploit the gaps that appear in the defense. In war, artillery is always used FIRST to scatter the defenders a bit. To make it easier for your army to win against an unorganized army.

And I never saw Habana get the ball EVEN ONCE to try something. So there's some selfish players not passing the ball to the best players. There are players that are not working together as A PAIR, AS A WINNING COMBINATION. Whether it is the line-outs or on defense or on attack or some special move.

Also, on attack, it seems the Springbok team is standing too close to the All Black defenders. The All Blacks are on them, even before they can make a move or try a move - the Springboks need to stand back a few meters when they want to attack, a little deeper, to allow themselves some room to try moves and to evade.

So constantly focus on building winning player combinations, because it is easier to win that way. That's what all the great teams and players and fighers have: winning combinations. Muhammad Ali had the right combinations to knock out any opponent. Victories come easily through winning combinations.

If you see their defense is very well organized, you've tried twice now the same tactic: running with the forwards or with your backs and no success - THEN your teams needs to change their ATTACKING PLAN IMMEDIATELY. IMMEDIATELY adjust the plan to open up their defense. Whether it's chips overs, chip throughs their legs, kicks into open spaces, up and unders  - try and TURN THEM AROUND - be TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE. Get players to run at top speed, at different angles, than what would be expected. Don't get bogged down using the same strategy or tactic over and over again against solid doesn't work.

"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way."

Napoleon Bonaparte on defeating the British column formation of soldiers again and again.

Any team has to practice unpredictability to become good at it. It has to show flexibility and adaptability to changing cir[removed]stances. It has to change the game plan and try something different when it sees something is not working.

So best of luck to the Springboks!


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RE: Heyneke Meyer, you better read this
September 15, 2013, 13:13:24

are you saying that Meyer should try something different to the "bash them into submission" approach??


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RE: Heyneke Meyer, you better read this
September 15, 2013, 13:17:06

Oh now I get it.......they lost cos nasdaq should have been the coach.


hey hakwazeeee you were on fire last night lol

what about redneck coming in and doing his usual dump and then leaving because he couldn't stand the smell.


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RE: Heyneke Meyer, you better read this
September 15, 2013, 13:21:14

hahaha Cloudy - told you that you would love this site! These are true blue passionate Boks fans unlike the tiresome pests we get on!

Yep, typical redsman, and he's a Queenslander too! He'd probably have a heart attack to know we are all die hard Queensland Supporters during State of Origin LOL!


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RE: Heyneke Meyer, you better read this
September 15, 2013, 13:27:30

It's cool because there's enough of us to watch each others backs.......the only nasty one is redneck how ironic.  Oh and that spoony is another nasty one but who cares I got you babe haha oh and wardad and naru and all the other kiwi diehards so it's all good.

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