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6046 Topic: chilliboy and sideshow bob in team!

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chilliboy and sideshow bob in team!
August 28, 2013, 13:53:02

 I know mike has already stated his hate for the addition of these two, however the only change I see him making to this starting 15 is the removal of bassoon the move for Willie to go to 11 and sideshow at 15. I know many of you will be upset thst he even gets a call up to the match squad but the positive is that we get rid of a useless defender against what will be a great Aussie winger in forlou and either Julian fot nz or Ben smith. I would like to see lambie at 15 instead of sideshow but we know thst will never happen! 

Just my thought in what will happen now 


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RE: chilliboy and sideshow bob in team!
August 28, 2013, 14:09:36

Wrong my friend - I do not hate any players - I do not even hate Meyer. What I hate is the farce Meyer makes of his selection - and it is not those two players whose selection I dislikes - it is nearly half of the bloody squad.

I cannot believe that Meyer could come up with a squad like this and hope to win the championship.

Aside from that I am willing to bet that Le Roux will not be in either the starting line-up or the bench in Brisbane. Basson will be in the team because "he is good under high balls" and Kirchner for the same reason. Meyer does not care about defence either. Two of the back three players are Mickey Mouse defenders - so what??????

If it was not so tragic - I would have thought that Meyer wants to give all the fans the finger-up and let us suffer the consequences.


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RE: chilliboy and sideshow bob in team!
August 28, 2013, 15:50:01

who says Folau is a great defender? Meyer, if you are listening, keeping turning Folau with small chip kicks over his head and let it unravel.....


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RE: chilliboy and sideshow bob in team!
August 28, 2013, 16:11:40

your tactics @hakwa is to kick to an ex league convert ????? a skill that every league convert is propably head and shoulders better than union players ? kicking possession away to a team that enjoys the ball in hand is a fatal mistake....


if you want to turn folau suck him out of his defence tier by letting the likes of alberts and co on in his inside arm and you will create space on his outside 9 times of league players defence lines are far more organised. he defends out of line and if you shift the ball quick and wide to that wing you might find a hole that being said you need a more mobile forward to ensure if there is a ruck you can exploit it....expect tourist louw to be there every 4th odd ruck.

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