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5986 Topic: SA has a need for speed...

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SA has a need for speed...
August 25, 2013, 08:44:57

Can anyone tell me about Seabalo Senatla...seems he's possesses the kind of flair lacking in the boks.

What Super XV franchise does he play for?


Anyway he looks impressive and like real talent in the making....helped sink the Junior ABs with an awesome intercept try showing he's a thinker that can read the play and also scored 4 tries in one game leading up to the semi... 

Also as a sevens player an example of where SA rugby can tap into their sevens pool like NZ does.

Also a dual code rep so he has ball skills in spades...


in fact NZ Sevens coach Gordon Titjens has discovered around 50 players that have gone on to become ABs in the 15 code. Not sure why SA does'nt have a similar system. Is it like hands off or something ?

Here's an impressive  look at The Kid Seabalo Senatia anyway.




Also in the flair dept, ,,,from memory Luther Obi  was a big factor in the Junior ABs demise.

Can't find out anything about him either .

Who does he play for? What Super XV franchise ?

And before you tell me these players are too young i might point out Goosen was a similar age when he was blooded .

I'll always remember how Goosen ran around Chiefs player Masaga  (Flash). No mean feat that.


Just seems like the Boks are lacking in speed merchants and need a few more players with wheels...speed demons...gasmen as my yarpy friend BeanBrain would say...

...not to mention players with a fighting spirit.

Irrespective of their colour...

And sooner rather than later if the Boks want to to remain competitive.


Do the Boks have the right balance between youth and experience or is an injection of youth necessary?


I just struggle to see with 13 times the population of NZ ...

, obviously a much bigger pool of talent, and a superior competition in the CC if Boklogic is to be believed. how SA could be struggling to impress

- evident  in Super XV failings and in this mornings near miss against rugby minnows Argentina.



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RE: SA has a need for speed...
August 25, 2013, 11:38:52

Senatla and Obi are both in the Bok 7's set-up, but given their Baby Bok performances, both need to be playing S15 rugby next season and should be playing CC now. Typical SA missing the boat as usual


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RE: SA has a need for speed...
August 25, 2013, 12:18:30

...cheers for that A girl, they're definitely dangermen to watchout for in Rio then - the blitzboks are a very good team and obvious medal prospects up there with Fiji and the Kiwis.

Would have loved to see them in Super XV jerseys though.

Arthur John

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RE: SA has a need for speed...
August 25, 2013, 18:40:41

After watching the game against Argentina yesterday I must agree with you...........

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