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5946 Topic: Video highlighting Kiwi tactics

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Video highlighting Kiwi tactics
August 22, 2013, 06:18:27

Before the kiwis start getting personal - I didn't edit the videos.... just presenting it. Clearly shows a tactic of spoiling any Australian momentum and that Joubert should have gone to the pocket earlier than the 79min... hes lost a lot of fans in Australia based on this performance...


What we see is clear run of penalties: 1.Richie McCaw slowing down the ball at 10:50 2.Sam Whitelock not rolling away at 20:44 3.McCaw entering from the side at 26:07 4.McCaw (and Whitelock) holding onto the ball in the ruck and not bearing their own weight at 45:34

There is a pattern, but as you can see the penalties are a) interspersed, not back to back; b) for different offences, though all ruck related; and c) certainly for the third penalty at least, a strong case could be made that this was a “contest error” not a deliberate slowing down of the Wallaby play.

I might even add d) the ruck penalties come on the back of Julian Savea being in front of the kicker and Kieran Read taking out Rob Simmons in the air. Paradoxically, the extra non-ruck penalties dilute the impression of a string of specifically ruck penalties.

The first penalty is particularly bad. If we look carefully at the clip (and the replay) we see McCaw enter the ruck, stand up, showing real strength. But he then falls over the ball, and then kicks out at it with his leg: two offences, the second little short of blatant. The second penalty reflects this pattern: Wallabies on the advance and Whitelock just doesn’t roll away. And the fourth, well, I was yelling at the tv by then.

Disclaimer: Craig Joubert is a mate of mine. But the fourth penalty above – a third against McCaw, all in his own half, all with the Aussies on the attack – has to be a yellow card. The score was 19-25 at the time


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RE: Video highlighting Kiwi tactics
August 22, 2013, 09:36:36

Reds can you repost this as much of the text is hidden by the adverts.

Joubert is not a favourite ref of mine although I know he ticks the right

boxes for Cloudy!


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RE: Video highlighting Kiwi tactics
August 22, 2013, 09:45:06

Bean Brain you gotta watch those yarpy refs LOL.

But if you want to see the full article..

Go to the Green and Gold website where all the Aussie crybabies go when

....they get owned by the Mighty ABs


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RE: Video highlighting Kiwi tactics
August 22, 2013, 10:23:03

 Thanks brycy but I have to correct you. The abs have a fabricatedf record built up tghrough their refs and illegal tactics.

Unitl they clean up their act they can claim to own nothing but their bad reputation! rolling laughter (#10) rolling laughter (#10)

However brycy we have a bit of a problem with Joubert. Personally  I believe he is s a weak hometown ref.

He tends I believe to favour the home side. He also misses things. I noted how he missed Smith putting the ball in very

skew into the scrum - having penalised this before. I also recall how he robbed the Mighty Stormers of a Super 14 title

in a match at Loftus. How he favoured the abs in the WC final in NZ - a display not as bad as bryce lawrence but very

bad nevertheless.




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RE: Video highlighting Kiwi tactics
August 22, 2013, 10:47:12
If you are complaining about the opposition having two bites at the cherries then you should question your ruck cleaning. It was pathetic.


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RE: Video highlighting Kiwi tactics
August 22, 2013, 12:11:02

 Nothing wrong with Joubert I don't know any ref on the planet who gets it right....bit of a cheek blaming him but then that's typical.  Get thumped by nearly 20 points and you still can't shut the whingers up.  

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