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5562 Topic: Review of super 15 qualifiers and the refs.

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Review of super 15 qualifiers and the refs.
July 21, 2013, 22:17:30

Firstly, I thought Glen Jackson did a good job yesterday. All we ask for is consistency and I think he did that really well. He allowed the game to be free flowing and he reffed in a style that allowed the players to have a go by playing some decent advantages and not blowing up scrums when they turned an inch which pisses us all off. No one wants to watch a 4 minute scrum! Well done to the refs this past weekend.


Cheetahs in my opinion were very unlucky. The Brumbies really looked out of sorts on attack and I dont think they ever really threatened to break the game open. Sarel Pretorius however, needed to be introduced 10 to 15 mins earlier at 45 or 50 mins as opposed to the 60th min. He was a real livewire and the tiring Brumbies defence was no match for him. For the Cheetahs to go overseas and outscore and in return keep a side scoreless that normally averages 5 tries a game against them in Canberra was a massive turn around.

I am not unhappy with this result, I always wanted to see the Crusaders come up against the Chiefs. Cheetahs, although I think are a different team, will most likely not be able to beat the Chiefs in Hamilton even though the Chiefs are going backwards at this stage of the year.


I am not sure what is going on with the Chiefs but they are going to need to lift their game 100% from the past few weeks if they are to get past the Saders.


Not sure what to say about the Reds v Crusaders match. It was always ever going to be a training run for the Saders. I think it would have been better for the Sharks or Stormers to get through there.


From here on out, I think the Crusaders will beat the Chiefs next week (10-15 points) and the Bulls will beat the Brumbies (13+).


If the Crusaders need to travel to Pretoria, I think the Bulls might sneak it but Crusaders are a team that you can never write off



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RE: Review of super 15 qualifiers and the refs.
July 21, 2013, 22:51:42

Chur boi. I can't recall ever reading a post as balanced and moderate as the above example from BL.  Well done boetjie.  Cant really object to any of your comments.  I thought the ref was adequate. Still left enough meat on the bone  for either side to scrounge a win. Cheetahs could have won last night if they had played a tad smarter but I don't have a problem with a Bulls v Bumbles semi.  Chiefs have their work cut out for them if they're to overcome the 'Saders.  Can't see them doing it to be honest but that just sets up the dream final against the Bools at loftus (assuming of course that they're both able to win). 


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RE: Review of super 15 qualifiers and the refs.
July 22, 2013, 05:57:15
Glen did a reasonable job I agree - Cheetahs too very unlucky Smit only got 1/4 so that clearly was the difference.

The Cheetahs fwd pack (excepting scrum) was pretty solid. Brussow is still my favourite saffa player - I cant see how you guys don't rate him..........

Reds - well fortunately I was spared as I had a function on and only watched it from the corner of my eye on the big screen... From what I saw, credit to cruds they never let the Reds get settled and to me obvious that BIL tour has negatively effected the momentum of all the Aussie teams.

I wonder now whether Reds will continue to be contenders now Link's reign is over.

Brunbies up against it but IF they do manage a win - home final v cruds would have to be in the mix....


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RE: Review of super 15 qualifiers and the refs.
July 22, 2013, 07:16:51

My problem was that Jackson made a farcical mistake in rulings in respect of scrumming. The laws about scrumming is clear. A prop must bind properly and he must scrum straight forward - not at an angle. Most scrum collapses happened when props du not bind properly or scrum at an angle. The latter could be basically scrumming inward or what is called "walkabout" - ie trying to push in the opposite direction.

Alert referees will notice what happens easily and penalize the offender. The moment a player does no bind and pushes with one hand on the ground an SA referee will immediately penalize that player.

If you go and look a the match again you will see that Sio constantly scrummed inwards and that Alexander had his hand on the ground often enough and not binding. Those two fundamental requirements in the laws were totally ignored by Jackson - hence my criticism of him.

Incidentally a prop cannot compete against illegal scrimmaging by the opposition props and then you get a farcical scrumming situation - much like happened yesterday. If a referee allows illegality - he will be party to breaking of the law. Any decent ref would have blown up Sio every time he in fact awarded penalties to the Brumbies.

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