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5529 Topic: Nonu - running out of options?

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Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 15:52:00
The following gives an indication of what can happen to a player that buggers u badly in Super 15 and then play well in tests:-

"All Blacks and Highlanders midfielder Ma'a Nonu is running out of places to play Super Rugby next year and the only likely franchise appears to be the Hurricanes.

In 2011 Nonu was told he would not be needed by the Hurricanes franchise so he moved to Auckland and played for the Blues for one season.

This year he played for the Highlanders in Dunedin but he missed their final regular season match as he was suspended following a red card.

None of the New Zealand Rugby franchises have shown much interest in the All Black and his contract expires at the end of the year.

If Nonu wants to remain an All Black he will need a Super Rugby contract.

The Chiefs have said that they have no space for Nonu and the Highlanders offered him a contract but he failed to sign it suggesting that he wants to move on.

Crusaders backs coach Tabai Matson says that they have not even spoken about Nonu and the Blues says that they can't fit him in.

That only leaves the Hurricanes and the New Zealand Rugby Union may be forced to lean on them if they want him to remain an All Black.

While Nonu does not appear to be on any shopping lists in New Zealand it is unlikely that he will struggle to get a contract offshore.

"Ma'a isn't off contract until the end of the year and he still has a fair amount of rugby with us this year with Rugby Championship and end of year tour," NZRU rugby operations manager Neil Sorensen said in a short statement about Nonu.

"He is obviously weighing up the options that he has and we continue to talk to him about those as we see him as critical to the continued success of the All Blacks."

Nonu has often spoken about his desire to play for the Hurricanes again but it was current coach Mark Hammett that rejected him partly due to his disruptive influence.

Hammett has spent the last two seasons building a tight knit, unified and settled group and the question is whether Nonu can fit into the new team dynamic."

I watched numerous games in which Nonu played for the Highlanders this year and his main contribution was to neutralize the dangerous wings and full back of the Highlanders by starving them of possession - too much ineffective crashballing like Franncois Steyn. When he did not play the Highlanders backline was much more dangerous and they manage to use their backline and especially Gear, Poki and Smith much more. Ellison was by far also a much better option at center.

Nonu also buggered up badly by getting red-carded and banned for four weeks - but if my memory serves me wel - I think he has had a yellow card or two as well earlier in the season.

I can understand why the NZ franchises do not want him in their squads - since his performance in Super 15 ws not up to standard coupled to injuries normally associated more with aging players - more frequent injuries and longer recovery periods.

Nonu is already 31 years of age - and I think his best option would be a Japanese or Euro contract to earn some serious pension money


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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 16:17:26

I like how you added your wrong opinion of Fransie into this article.


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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 16:28:28

The Lion Kings have expressed interest in Nonu


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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 16:40:35

Strange indeed. Ou Maaik managed to drag Frans Steyn into the argument without finding a way to drag Morne in as well.


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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 16:42:04

Not wrong - Steyn did the same thing last year for the Springboks and this year for the Sharks. They both seems to believe that they only have to have the ball in hand and all opposing player will disappear and not tackle them. Serious problem that one - since it does not happen.

Another thing - you cannot have "disruptive influences" in teams and there definitely were those in the Sharks team as well. Not sure whether Steyn had impacted on that one - but he might have sicne it was not noticeable last year - and only erupted this year. Nonu definitely is disruptive in a team environment.


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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 17:14:57

You don't know whether he was disruptive or not, the evidence you used isn't reliable as another poster had evidence that went against what you're saying.

Yep, keep ignoring Lambe and blaming Steyn... 

Both Nonu and Steyn are fantastic players, Nonu proved that against the French and Steyn for the Bok's as well.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 18:53:15

the article only brushes over some of the facts, highlanders have offered him a contract and nonu and his mangement areconsidering it and all their options.

nonu would like to return to the blues or hurricanes where he can be closer to his family, but cock head hammet dosent want him in the team, even though hes the exact kind of player they need at 12.

not sure how he the blues cant fit him with ranger leaving, but kirwan does have first class options with jackson wilionson and francis saili who will be thier incumbent midfield combo for 2014.
i get the impression that kirwan might have felt a little slighted with nonu leaving the blues for the highlanders.


nonus a lot more then crash baller, he distributes the ball really well and has a world class kicking game which help keep the french scoreless in the second test.
u only need to watch nons performance as an All Blacks last year that theres more to his game then being a crash baller, but that is a mistake thats easy to make cos he does crash ball a lot.


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RE: Nonu - running out of options?
July 17, 2013, 21:10:22

I have no doubt crashballing is required from time to time and could be effective if the ball comes out quickly - but over-utilization destroys backline play - and Nonu was guilty of that.

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