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5360 Topic: Test Rugby Fantasy team - Second Wallabies - Lions Test

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Test Rugby Fantasy team - Second Wallabies - Lions Test
June 29, 2013, 01:35:20
I have at last got my team finalized and am posting it below:-

FR Stephen Moore AUS

FR Tom Youngs BLI

LK Kane Douglas AUS

LK Will Skelton WAR * LF Jamie Heaslip BLI

LF Micheal Hooper AUS

HV Will Genia AUS HV Jonathan [removed]ton BLI CT Jonathan Davies BLI CT Christian Lealiifano AUS OB Israel Folau AUS

OB George North BLI

* Skelton is a budget selection to stay within the allowable budget.

Even though I scored top points last week and am now joint third worldwide - I think that some changes were necessary and I specifically would like to mention the following:-

* Last week I had two non-playing locks in the squad. With the result that I got no points for the two. With the additional funds granted ($400 000), as well as the smallish profits emanating from transfers - I now managed to reduce that to one non-playing lock. I picked Douglas as a lock - he scored 190 points last week - so I can only benefit from that inclusion.

* The lowest point scoring player for me last week was O'Driscoll with a measly 90 points - and bearing in mind the goal kicking problems of the Wallabies last week - I decided to include Leafiitano as a center. He can hardly be worse than O'Driscoll was last week.

* After his performance last week - only a fool would not have Folau in his squad. I had to replace either North or Halfpenny to make that possible. I decided on rather replacing Halfpenny than North.

* I had to change the one hooker - since he was replaced by Youngs.

If the new players bring something extra to my selections and the existing players maintain their standards of last week - I hope to up my points by 400 or 500 points compared to last week - so lets hope I can get through and advanced further in the competition.

My result forecast is as follows:-

WALLABIES to beat Lions by 12 points.


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RE: Test Rugby Fantasy team - Second Wallabies - Lions Test
June 29, 2013, 03:40:24

Here's mine Mike:


FR Benn Robinson AUS 0 0 $742,500

FR Stephen Moore AUS 0 0 $1,150,000

LK Geoff Parling BLI 0 0 $985,000

LK James Horwill AUS 0 0 $1,147,500

LF Micheal Hooper AUS 0 0 $1,142,500

LF Jamie Heaslip BLI 0 0 $1,145,000

HV Will Genia AUS 0 0 $1,107,500

HV Ben Youngs BLI 0 0 $802,500

CT Adam Ashley-Cooper AUS 0 0 $1,140,000

CT Christian Lealiifano AUS 0 0 $1,137,500

OB Israel Folau AUS 0 0 $1,170,000

OB Leigh Halfpenny BLI


Went Aussie heavy as I am concerned about the third test with only four trades. I figure if Lions win they will make wholesale changes and if the lose there is still a high chance of changes as they have a very deep squad and everyone will be rested.


Bit of a risk going with Horwill due to the second review of the stamping incident coming after the second Test, but I think the IRB has got their message across already by appealing and would be very surprised if they actually sanction Horwill seeing as he is the captain, already been cleared by a previous review and this is probably the highest stakes arena next to the World Cup


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RE: Test Rugby Fantasy team - Second Wallabies - Lions Test
June 29, 2013, 09:32:32

Bad habits die slowly - probably went wrong with the inclusion of [removed]ton ahead of Youngs = [removed]ton was not much value last week. Also should not have gone Davies at center and Halfpenny ahead of North at OB. However, nobody would know before the game is played.

I have the same problem as you foresaw iro of the remaining four transfers and limited the number of Lions in the squad to 5. Do not know what will happen - but if hey make five changes - I will be buggered. Lets hope we can get past the two tests in good style.

Then I am following what is happenng to your opponent in the Foxsport Fantasy Cup. He is buggered - should rather have waited for this round iro his wild card usage. He will definitely not survive this round unless a serious miracle happen. Have only one player in the next game - and that is Ben Smith - I changed my mind and made him my captain this week. Game is about to start

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