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5353 Topic: Test Rugby Fantasy team - Test on Saturday

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Test Rugby Fantasy team - Test on Saturday
June 27, 2013, 17:04:08
Most participants could not get by with the initial allocation of $12 000 000 dollars to purchase players as that represented an allocation of an average of $1 000 000 a player - plus whatever they manage to scrape together from profits on players. However, like was previously debated on the site - the Test Rugby site called for submission of grunts on Tuesday and I sent in one and got another $200 000 allocated to my fund allocation. This I did despite the reservations expressed on the issue.

There is a further request for a grunt with an allocation of a further $200 000 tomorrow. This change the scenario substantially. In the first test I used two unplaying lowest cost locks I could find - to allow me to select a team of top players. The first allocation did not change that - because I was still short to buy a lock - even one on the bench. A second allocation of $200 000 would allow me to buy Douglas or Parling - so despite my moral misgivings about the issue - I have submitted a grunt and hope to get the $200 000.

I hope the other members did submit grunts before - and would encourage them to do so this time around.

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