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4995 Topic: The Crusaders vs Chiefs game....

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The Crusaders vs Chiefs game....
May 30, 2013, 13:02:19

was the best S15 game of the season, deep into the competition these two sides played with an intensity and commitment only seen in finals. I was impressed with both their defence and attack and their ability to make metres through the hands. The standard these two sides set is way above any other two sides in the competition and I expect them to face off in the Final. Clearly they are the best  NZ has to offer.


Compare the quality of that game to the quality(or should I say lack of quality) of the two premier South African sides, the Bulls and the Sharks. I mean what a load of crock!  Cry me a river, deep into the season and these fellas are still trying to hold onto the ball!  Almost every movement led to a knock-on,followed by a scrum followed by monotonous box kicks etc. The game was a shame to South African rugby and clearly there's something wrong with the SAFFA approach to the game of rugby. If there is any talent coming through it's being decimated by clueless coaching and lack of a half decent gameplan.


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RE: The Crusaders vs Chiefs game....
May 30, 2013, 13:58:34

I agree Denny, was my match of the season aswell. As for the saffas.... yea I'm really not scared, which is a shame really as a hiding or 2 i think would put us in good stead. But ho hum it's looking like the those shackle draggers could put some heat on this year and that would be a good game!

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