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4803 Topic: Beens....

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May 13, 2013, 13:58:01

had the pleasure of going to the game....turned out to be an arm wrestle for most of the game in my opinion, thought the Stormers didn't make good use of their many opportunities and that their attack lacked penetration. Think Habana should be crucified for coming off his line, Joe had the only other attacker covered.


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RE: Beens....
May 13, 2013, 14:12:54

Denny, it must have been a great game to be at the ground. Lot like a test match as Allistair said. 

When all is taken into account I thinks its another one that got away. Certainly Habana fouled up but as I said the early subbing of Malherbe yet again and then the injuries to Fourie, Elstadt and Vermuelen cost us dearly.

I am convinced you cannot play Super 15 rugby with a backline that small. I was really pleased when Mallet explained exactly why. I often think of the brilliant Brent Russel. Few guys could run like him but he didnt really make it. To me, like Aplon, he was a terrific impact player - play these guys when space is opening up. But having Aplon, Joe and De jong and a small scrummie as well shows no understanding of where the modern game is. 

I have also to state that the current position of the log gives no accurate indication of overall rugby strength as I am convinced both the Stormers and Sharks are top 6 sides. I expect howls of indignation from the uniformed (lacking in rugby a[removed]en and brain matter etc etc ) but only because they don't appreciate context! Crazy 1




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