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4744 Topic: Dave....

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May 08, 2013, 14:03:59

Glad to see you and Moz getting along.....or should I say hobbling along LOL....I guess we're all full of crap, at times more than we need to be but as long as  we agree to disagree and leave out the nasty personal crap everythings fine. Mike's a decent fella as well, of that there is no doubt I'm sure you agree.....just try not to take it all too seriously when we disagree with the crap you post! LOL

On a more serious note have you been following the fortunes of Dave Miller in the IPL?'nt he just what's needed going into the ICC championsips now that JK is out? I think he's an inspiration and has given me a ton of hope.




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RE: Dave....
May 08, 2013, 14:15:30

 Yeah, I have never understood the lack of faith shown in Miller when it comes to playing for SA. I mentioned the other day that he looks equipped to play test cricket, he is technically such a good bat.


I hope he gets selected for the SA side, he has to be in it. He is far better than Berhardien and Ingram in my opinion.


Morris looks a better bet than Mc Laren as well 

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