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4733 Topic: The worst beer I've ever tasted.

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The worst beer I've ever tasted.
May 07, 2013, 18:49:30

Steinlager Classic...should be called Stale Lager...never tasted horse piss before this. Castle is another one...incidentally many years ago it was different.

I believe NZ export Steinlager to USA and Mexico...could be they want to poison them or maybe Alqaeda owns this brewery secretly...weapons of mass

SA Breweries with Millers produce a beer in Russia (Moscow) which I drank when I stayed for a month and it was much better our Castle.

The flavours are changing...mass production and chemicals all slowly sending us to our graves faster than ever before.

Some years ago we produced natural Mitchells in Knysna (Tuppers wharf) and Rawdons at Nottingham Road KZN.

In Pomieland if you do a bit of sampling you find good ales and lagers and of course Ireland your Guinessess...Germany, Austria,Belgium,Czech Rep and Hungary have excellent draughts.



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RE: The worst beer I've ever tasted.
May 07, 2013, 19:28:39

Mate, with respect, it sounds like your taste buds are up your arse . Steinlager Classic referred to as 'grenades' around here is fken nectar of the gods ...

All the more for us fine beer connoisseurs that appreciate a great drop i guess. Try putting some on ice or do yarpies drink their beer warm like the poms hence the walls outside all their pubs are plastered with vomit?

Can't say the same for steinlager pure though . That tastes like horse piss so maybe you're confusing the two. Elephant beer is another goodie 12% i think.

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