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4579 Topic: Fantasy Cup Compeition

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Fantasy Cup Compeition
April 26, 2013, 21:06:37


Tou seem to be sittin quite well against your opponent and he will have a hard task to catch up.   Am holding thums for you in this case.   I think the lead is 201 points against 128,   I took a look at his team compared to yours and although he has 10 plaayers still to play against your nine players to come.    

Of those Moore, Labuschagne, O'Connor and Folau will produce an even number od points for you ans him.   In other words he would have to make upp the point difference of 72 points by on the following basis:-

  Oi-Matey                                  Renegades

George Smith                             Arno Botha

Pieter-Steph Du Toiit                 Sam Whitelock

Jacques  Engelbrecht                George Whitelock

Aaron Cruden                            Christiaan Leafiitano

Jan Serfontein                           Richard Kahui

                                                   Bernard Foley


If the above scores more or less even points - the only one that can score his extra points is Foley.   To me I am fairly optimistic that you will make it.

I am also fairly optimistic about Sasue - but much less so about my own chances of survival.  The main problem is the two bench players I have in my starting line up.   If they come on fairly early and score well - I may have a chance - otherwise I am likely to go down against my opponent.   At this stage the point difference in my case is only 27 points in my favour   He  has 10 players to play against my 11 - but the problem is the two benched players I have.    I can only hope against hope it works out that some of the players I have and he does not have do exceptionally well tomorrow and by Sunday morning I have a lead of about 80 to 100 points on him before the Crusaders Game.   Lets hope for the best too.



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RE: Fantasy Cup Compeition
April 26, 2013, 21:25:51

 Good [removed]ysis bud.


It will be quite a feat for you to get through with your two bench players and you are certainly in it with a lot more than a shout at this point. Will be pulling that we all three get through to the next round !!

sasuke uchiha

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RE: Fantasy Cup Compeition
April 27, 2013, 09:33:03

i like how oimateys got jacques englebrecht, i would have picked him over arno botha, but i had wimppie in my team and am adopting a limit one per club for every position.

some intersting match ups, cruden vs leilafano, serfontein vs kahui, du toit vs whitelock, renegades have some very similar selections to my team.

havent checked the site yet, but hopefully ur bench players kick ass for u mikey, anscombe started of the bench and he scored 49ptss, so u never know, urs could be the cup fantasy comeback stroy of the season, :o)


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RE: Fantasy Cup Compeition
April 27, 2013, 14:59:59

 Going to be a close run thing. Was pretty confident until the Brumbies game and Moore/Smith lost their minds in a blowout win instead of joining in the fun :)


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