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4466 Topic: There's no rocket science needed....

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There's no rocket science needed....
April 16, 2013, 14:44:29

to realise that across the board SAFFA backline play is non existant. For Meyer to suggest that backline play has improved simply shows how totally ignorant he is about backline play. It's been 19 years since re-admission and backline play is as bankrupt today as it was 19 years ago and that's no fault of anyone other than to say we lack the intellectual property to make backline play possible. Simply put there is no-one in authority to make it happen. Meyer himself picked an average backline player as the Bok backline about the blind leading the blind. Fact is Meyer is ignorant/blind enough to appoint an ignoramus to coach the Bok backline.....if this isn't an example of dumbness then pray please tell what is?!

So,  how can anyone have any faith in the man holding the reins of future Bok success?  I ask with tears in my We're all just living in hope, hope that the fool of a coach will open his eyes and realise he's not only pissing into the wind, he's [removed]ting into it as well. I kid you not!!


Crashballing, hell we're world experts at that, shuffleball, experts at that as well...jirre, our backs don't even know the simple basic of drawing a defender before passing the ball.....our backs telegraph their passes and that's not out of kindness to the opposition defender. Don't believe me?...well have another look this weekend as I've been doing for 19 long years how they just die in the tackle with not an ounce of thought of passing the ball or changing the point of attack or passing to a player coming from deep with momentum.


If there's anyone out there still believing we can win with moer mekaar rugby then you're dreaming, teams will match our physically and then beat us with brains.....a rare if not non existant subtance in Bok circles.


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RE: There's no rocket science needed....
April 16, 2013, 15:23:44

Thats correct, your guys best bet is.... forward play and steroids lol.


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RE: There's no rocket science needed....
April 16, 2013, 16:52:02


You are a genius - I could not sum it up better.   The only coach who tried to change the rubbish was Du Plessis and he lasted only four months in the rotten world of SARU.   White eventually came on - realized the problem and brought in Eddie Jones.   If White had remained as coach - Jones may have been around as well.

But the Bulls engineered the White downfall as they wanted Meyer as Springbok coach.  We got him and now it is back to the stone age rugby.  What a bloody mess.

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