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4439 Topic: The Rise f the Super Kings

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The Rise f the Super Kings
April 14, 2013, 19:28:49

Oe! Hallo Julle!!  I was away for a while, had to go work in Tanzania for a bit.  Man, these Southern Kings of mine is surprising even me.  Now when we started with this challenge no one really gave us half achance, nê.

But the Kings have come out fighting and have really played well.  To go and play to a tie in Aus against the Brumbies who moered the Sharks on their own Shark It makes me warm all over.  Next week the Bulls are going to feel the power.  I just hope the guys are not too jet-lagged for that game.

The Stormers (my other team) are slowly getting back to what they can do.  Yes, we all know that injuries are part of the game but hell the Stormers have really had a run of bad luck this season.  Ague as you want but if the Stormers had a full compliment of their choice players then they would be the number one team on the og - not just SA but overall.

Why does this stupid Meyer guy pick hasbeens for the Bokke?  What about some inform Kings players.  Engelbrecht is miles better than that Javelin guy from the Bulls with his plastic muscles, nê.

And the Cat is better than old Morne on any weekday or Saterday.

Julle moet lekka rondkyk nê (You people must be wide awake) The Kings are here to stay.  And to top it all we also win the club competition in the EC.. Lekka!



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RE: The Rise f the Super Kings
April 15, 2013, 08:12:49

 Glad to see your optimism man. But yes your team has made some friends with the attitude they bring to the game. Hard, commited and uncompromising.

The Kings players were not considered for the first training camp as they still had to complete their tour. They should be considered for the second training camp I think the names should come out this week or next not sure on the dates for the second camp.

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