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4409 Topic: The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter

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The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter
April 12, 2013, 09:27:22

 Hi everyone, a slight shift from the topic of my last post and into something quite different. 


After seeing much in the recent media about the Stormers and how they are destined for the playoff match with the Lions (according to some woman who I have never even heard of via SARugby Magazine) I was reminded of something I have experienced living in the western cape as a Stormers fan. 


Whenever the Stormers are winning you see nothing but the blue and white hoops no matter where in the province you go, when they arent sitting pretty on the log it seems these so called "fans" either go into hibernation, or worse pull on another teams jersey (especially one belonging to the crusaders or the hurricanes). This is not only an issue that is prevelant in the cape, for the last few seasons the crowd attendance at Ellis park has been an absolute disgrace, most Lions "fans" no doubt pull on the blue (or pink) jersey of their neighbours to the north.


I have also noticed the poor attendance at stadiums of many of our Australian and New Zealand counterparts in recent weeks of teams that are not doing as well as everyone would like. Perhaps the Aussies could be excused as the prefered sports to rugby union are Aussie Rules and Rugby League.


The point I am trying to make is that you can spot the difference between a "fan" and a true supporter very easily. A fan doesnt watch the games, doesnt follow whose injured and whose starting that weekend, or has two or three different team jerseys in his/her closet.  I personally have absolutely no time for these kinds of fans as they miss the true meaning of being a fan, and lets face it, we all personally know a few of these clowns. Being a true fan is like being married, you are in it through the good times and the bad. In my book you cant call yourself a fan and just stop giving a rats ass when your team isnt doing well. 


If one were to look at football in the UK, stadiums are full irrespactive of what division anyones repsective team is playing in. They are there for the love of their team no matter what and maybe some of these so called fans could learn something from them. Something a friend once told me applies very much to this discussion and it is with regards to when Manchester City won the Premier League last year. He said "Man City fans havent been this happy since they were Chelsea fans".  


Just some food for thought as this clearly doesnt apply to guys on this forum. Its just something that infuriates me as a true supporter. Again im also keen to hear from our Kiwi and Aussie counterparts as to what its like in their neck of the woods and if they experience similiar aggrevations. 


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RE: The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter
April 12, 2013, 11:32:11

Yeah, that gets to me too. There are a lot of these "supporters" out there.


 I remember 10 or so years ago, when the Bulls couldn't beat an egg. Loftus was just about empty for their home games. A mate and I went to watch the last game of their Super 12 season at the Stadium. They had lost every game that year, but they managed to win that last game. We cheered as if they had just won the whole tournament. I'll never forget that game!!! A few years later they actually did win the tournament, which i one reason why I don't give Meyer such a hard time as Bok coach.


Anyway, my point being, teams need support, especially when the chips are down.




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RE: The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter
April 12, 2013, 18:41:36

 I am struck by the poor attendance at the games in all three countries during this S15. What is the issue? Ticket prices?


Its really sad to see and one wonders how much longer the tournament can survive without stadium attendance.


Hell if I lived close enough to any of these stadiums, I would be at every game.


Ecko, by all accounts, rugby union is more popular than league in Oz these days


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RE: The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter
April 12, 2013, 19:45:35

I will give the Aussies a bit of a pass because like you said, Rugby Union is probably the third most popular sport there anyway. They play a ot of other sports down there. Rugby League, Aussie Rules, Cricket, and even swimming is big. I've heard in some regions it's not even popular at all. So low attendance is kind of the way it is.


This isn't a "shot" at Kiwis. But in New Zealand those Stadiums should be packed! All the teams are competetive except one, and it's supposedly the Rugby Mecca of the world. That makes no sense to me at all. Maybe Sasuke can explain?


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RE: The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter
April 13, 2013, 01:10:20

 @canrugby, I agree with you definately on the New Zealand front, the attendance has been appaling in some matches. Could some of Kiwis let us know perhaps some reasons for this, as A girl suggests could it possibly be due to ticket prices? 


@A girl, unfortunately I diagree with you regarding the preference of the sport in Aus. I am currently staying in Melbourne and Union really does take a back seat to Rugby League. For example, after a weekend of sport, the sports news (Sky and Fox Sports) shows: Aussie Rules, Rugby League and the Super Rugby highlights and results in that order. Furthermore alot more airtime is devoted to the first two forms. Thats my feeling when Im here at least. Either way stadium attendance is still shockingly poor, I do believ you may be onto something regarding ticket prices though. 




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RE: The difference between a "fan" and a full blooded supporter
April 13, 2013, 01:47:46

 @can rugby spot on. In WA and Vic where rebels and force come from. These are hard core  AFL strongholds. I would go as far to say that the only ones in the crowd are expat Saffas or kiwis and the odd nsw / qld migrant. 

Withinqld and nsw the only people that play and watch rugby and the upper elite of the population those with $$ and private school upbringing. League is the working mans game it's simpler and more violent...

as far as codes go rugby way down in Australia - soccer would be more popular with ethnic migrants and anyw number of other codes... Rugby would rate about 6 or 7th in the country if that. However the canny marketers realise that the demographic that watch rugby is aust are also the wealthy ones... Hence from ROI good target market.

re reds I still have my members cap from 2006 when reds couldn't win a game.... And the pain was intense every game but as a true fan u stick bother but always have a backup team from ur home country to support into the finals....

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