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4396 Topic: Bulls - Cheetahs game

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Bulls - Cheetahs game
April 10, 2013, 17:22:36

The teams have been announced and we can now look at the various strengths and weakness of the two teams and try and make a realistic prediction as to the outcome of the game:-

Full Back

I really like what I have seeen thus far of Visser as a full back - he is a vast improvement on Kirchner.   Speedy and reliable.   Daniller is reliable, experienced and an average full back   -    50-50


Frankly - the Cheetahs have a decided advantage here with Rhule and Le Roux.   70-30


There is not much to choose between Engelbrecht and Sadie.   They will ens up 50-50 as well.

The no 12 is really interesting and is a match-up between the experienced and very good Ebersohn and Serfontein.  Not very easy to determine which on the day will be better - Serfontei is the most promising center we have seen for ages in SA - but is inexperienced.   On the day I think that Ebersohn will be the better - but this one is close. 52-48

Half Backs

Morne is a deadly goalkicker at Loftus - but does not bring much more than kicking to the game.  I was impressed by Francis last week against the Stormers.    Vermaak is not my idea of a scrummie and I think Van Zyl is much better.    50-50


The fact that Ludeke had a brain implosion and did not choose Arno Botha makes this a one-way ticket.  I think the Cheetahs combination is far better than the Bulls and give them the edge by 65-35


Young De Jager really stood out this year and Uys was really solid.   Both are more mobile than their counterparts.   I think the line-out battle will be tight - but Labuschagne is going to swing it in favour of the Cheetahs.   If Flippie can stay away from the yellow card adventure - the overall rating will be 50-50.

Props and Hooker

No contest - the Cheetahs by 65-35

Game Plan

The Cheetahs will play a running game - the Bulls will try and make it a forward battle.   I think that the Cheetahs will be strong enough to stand up to a forwards battle - and their style of play will put the Bulls at a disadvantage.

I still think the Cheetahs by 9+ points



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RE: Bulls - Cheetahs game
April 10, 2013, 17:55:21

I agree with you Mike...hard one to call...Ithink your predictions are based on stats. Psychologically both sides are at a disadvantage and a do or die climax. This is always a disadvantage for predictors but I think the Cheetahs are better man for man but BB are proud and do not lack guts to win ( never have been).

I would rather not bet on this one,

Saffa rugby is strange and yields many unpredictable results.

It shows up talent versus coaching skills which is less predictable overseas and especially in NZ and the foreign domains...but all things function according to plan the Cheetahs (if the ref is honesst) will show them carrot.


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RE: Bulls - Cheetahs game
April 10, 2013, 18:10:34


Last weeks ref in the Cheetahs-Stromers game was either incompetent or dishonest.   I think he got it in the neck because of that incident that ultimately resulted in the first try of the Stormers,   He claimed he was 20 meters away and did not see that Fourie was off-side - but looking at the game again he was less than 10 meters away and could not possibly have missed the off-side situation.  That really put a huge question mark over that incident and may be an indication of dishonety.

The ref this week is Japhta.   He will be extra careful not to get caught in the same kind of controversy as happened last week.

By the way the Cheetahs had beaten the Bulls at Loftus when nobody expected them to win.   A repeat on Saturday is very likely.


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RE: Bulls - Cheetahs game
April 10, 2013, 19:44:08

Mike I think you have been reading my mail.., I am a coward in this prediction because I do not understand the way of interpretation of refereeing today...its every man's guess.

Cheetahs deserve it. Bulls,although never withhout possibilities, have to back to the drawing board,


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RE: Bulls - Cheetahs game
April 10, 2013, 22:07:58

 Mike here goes.


Fullback - Visser over Daniller anyday 


Wings - Cheetahs hands down, especially since the Bulls have selected carthorse Ndungane.


Centres: No contest, Bulls walk it. JJ is far better than Sadie and while Ebersohn has been good, Jan is a different class.


Flyhalf - Morne takes it


Scrumhalf - v/Zyl takes it unless Vermaak finds form.


Props - Nkanyane is ahead of Mellet, although Mellett is good. Kirsten is better than Adriaanse


Hooker - Strauss walks it


Locks - Flip and de Jager on par, Kruger better than Uys


Loosies - Cheetahs walk it


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RE: Bulls - Cheetahs game
April 10, 2013, 22:25:54

Cheetahs are fast becoming a neutral spectators favourite but I dont see them beating the Bulls purely because of the Loftus factor and the flyhalf battle. Cheetahs are normally taken lightly and surprise you. They are not anymore. The Bulls know what they will bring.


I see Morne playing his usual boring but effective style. Pinning the Cheetahs back, the crowd getting behind the Bulls, frustrating the Cheetahs with the tactical kicking. I feel Morne would have to have a shocker for the Cheetahs to win at Loftus. Much different challenge to last week for the Cheetahs.

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