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4395 Topic: New Game and old game

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New Game and old game
April 10, 2013, 16:30:18

Has the basics rules, professionalism ??? Yes that is too obvious to mention but the same spirit of winning remains. In the old days invariably the better side won. But nowadays there is always a doubt or shadow over the way the dictators (paid officials,coaches and refs) allow the procedures to develope.

I am not a conspiracy imaginer but looking back have often asked the powerful are big events in the world.

Does sport play a part? There is no doubt to that. The emancipation of SA's apartheid was felt way back by honest good rugby players...I know this as I sat with Wynand Claasen and he told me the hostile reception he met in NZ when he captained the side there with sleeping under the stadium benches and flour bombs during the 80' was [removed] believe me he said and what's remarkable we still managed a win now and again. One of my old school mates Andy Van Der Watt, Springbok teaching at Hilton College in KZN recalls of the demonstrations the Boks faced in the UK in the 70's with Peter Hein.

Rugby players never had a part of it...whatever your allegiances were you were simply there to entertain rugby was never a political thing in their minds. I have an adversion to politicians whatewver side they are on and by the looks of them none of them know anything about sport  except my old friend...the late friend Van Zyl Slabbert who was a PP in Rondebosch and played WP rugby.

It would cause a controversy if I was was to say 1995 and 2011 RWC was rigged but would that be dishonest? No I'm asking people to think with absolute honesty and truth even if it hurts and goes against your own beliefs and pariotism.

Food for honest thought it not. A politically dangerous thought but only the very honest can answer that...not to their fellow man but to their conscience.


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RE: New Game and old game
April 10, 2013, 17:08:07

Seb the last wc left many in no doubt the game was not clean.   I sometimes wonder if drugging also is going on and is being masked. Who knows but at some point in time if things are going on they will come to light. 

1995 rigged. Of course not.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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RE: New Game and old game
April 10, 2013, 18:39:00

Yes Beeno, forgive if I tilt slightly off the topic, I would love to see rugby develope to other nations or clubs or provinces or clubs (although you never said it) but I think there is a huge difference in mindset to rugby especially. Rugby, despite being a tough mans sport is subtly different to other sports. People are like stupid sheep all over the world and follow sport in their neighbourhood, their province and ultimately in their country. I have been on forums with minnow countries and it hjas been interesting and revealing...the smaller countries in rugby which have the derogatory term of minnows are not weak but lack resources of money and IRB backing simply because it is run as a business and very little altruistic goals. There are genuine members that want to see progress in rugby worldwide....strangely enough this comes from the greatest rugby playing nation of all NZ. They have encouraged the nation of the Federation Of Russia (not the USSR which ignoramuses still think exist in Saffaland and other lack of education countries) to play rugby. My wife is Russian and her boyfriend before she married me played rugby for the army. It is very small there but has the biggest potential bar the Americans for developement.

Looking many years ahead rugby will catch on appeals to the Russian psyche...which is physical and tough...they have a population that is huge and the biggest whitemen I have ever seen. I lived in Moscow for a few months and witnessed this.

Sean Fitzpatrick came to St Petersburg when I was promote rugby...such a real icon and and a great man and leader despite his rugby prowess.

I take my hat off to enormous player who succeeded in rugby at the very highest level, loves the game and has the intelligence and giving attitude to share with people he relates too and believes in the future of rugby.

It is because of people like Sean and NZ rugby that I have great respect for NZ rugby...they are not complexed people but are givers of a talent they are good at and want to share. Kudo's to Sean and NZ rugby.

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