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4386 Topic: Meyer is a nightmare

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Meyer is a nightmare
April 10, 2013, 14:21:37

I really am amazed by Meyer's selection of squads.   He picks regular bench players and those with occassional starting teams when others are not available.  He laves out the others who are really starting line-up players,

I just want to name a few of those - with due regard to the selections this week:-

 *   Arno Botha -  Ludeke has a serious case of stupiditis.  This guy is the best forward the Bulls have

 *   Cilliers -  a reasoable prop - but a perennial bench player

 *  Kankowski - only in the satying line-up if Alberts and Deysel injured

Anybody that can umderstamd the above must be in the same boat as Meyer - seripus case of STUPIDITIS

He then goes on and pick players like Kirchner - whose form is atrocious - and leave out a form player like Le Roux.  

Why are the coaches in SA always the main reason for poor performances by their teams as a result of diabolical team selectioms?  




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RE: Meyer is a nightmare
April 10, 2013, 14:45:46

 I have yet to see a positive endorsement of Meyer's squad. The guy clearly has his own ideas and refuses to budge on them. I read that while he is coach, Spies will always be in his side. He says there is no other loosie in SA like him and that he is vital to the Boks cause - what crap.


Meyer is clearly about a set structure, he selects players to fit his plan and then he sticks with them and moulds them into executing his plan. Its a predictable 10 man plan - the Bulls way. We will have to endure this for a few years and the powers that be will eventually wake up to the fact that Meyer is out of touch.


His failure to select Willie and Brussouw is a clear indication that he will not deviate from his plan. He sees no role for a true fetcher and he does not embrace the creativity of a player like Willie......he would prefer the pointless up and unders being launched by Kirchner.


The guy is doing Bok rugby a disservice


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RE: Meyer is a nightmare
April 10, 2013, 15:20:50

A girl i posted that article, you should re read it. It is quite hilariously toung in the cheek.


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RE: Meyer is a nightmare
April 10, 2013, 15:57:23

 Good thing it is tongue in cheek, I only saw part of the article on another site


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RE: Meyer is a nightmare
April 10, 2013, 21:08:33

meyer might be a nightmare to some but not to least he understands the basics...he only suffers from a disease that most saffers suffer from and that is insecurity.

We are brought up with this infirmity and despite our puffing up (like a certain type of toad /or frog that looks bigger and more threatening is impotent. Not to run down my fellow Saffas because I'm one as well and nobody can really blame us when you have a president who only got to std 5, albeit with distinction and our boeing,francois pienaar,uncle madiba, rain at kings park  and louis luyt etc scenario we are free and have the belief to believe in walt disney and israel's over the rainbow.

I am not being a spoilsport but Meyer is part of the delusion as was Mr Snoekbek and apart from gold and diamonds in this country (oh I forgot about platinum) rugby is a tradable asset. We still struggle but I'm not cynical...we just like our mindsets have to have the initiative and courage to develope and move on.

Meyer is just part of the mindset but he is not a complete fool...he has the ability to coach and has more knowledge about the game than any one on this forum but pride and humility is a problem here...simply because we have in this country relentless and un teachable attitudes and spirits...we are minnows in the thinking brigade probably as doff as the Yanks but certainly more intelligent than those that like sheep.

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