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4361 Topic: SA Franchises - Results forecast

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SA Franchises - Results forecast
April 09, 2013, 07:33:31

Whereas four of the SA sides have derby matches and the Kings a vey interesting match in Melbourne I am going to make the following forecast sd to the results of the game this coming week:-

Kings vs Rebels

The Kings are doing well on their tour.   Even though they lost on tour in their games against both the Crusaders and the Hurricanes they did manage to score nice tries against these two teams and they did the surprise package of the whole tournament in playing the Brumbies to a draw.   They are a side with limited resources,  but they are very well-coached and always show fighting spirit.   The Rebels have some really top players in O'Connor, Higginsbottom and Robinson in their team.   After two massive losses in SA - they beat the Force convincingly in Perth.   The could benefit from home game advantage.   However - taking into the factors memtioned I am going to make a surprising prediction,

The Kings to beat the Rebels by 6 points

Stormers vs Sharks

This is probably the easiest call to make this weekend.   The 2013 campaign was really a nightmare for the Stormers,   Their side has been weakened by injuries and gross incompetence by the coaching staff  and some players.  The Sharks lost in a disastrous fashion against the Brumbies.   The weaknesses in the team has been identified and dealt with - but the fact that Jantjies is not playing for the Stormers really reduce the chances of the Sharks, whilst the removal of Steyn from the Sharks center position has had a positive impact on Shark performances,   Despite home ground advantage - the outcome is easily predictable. 

The Sharks to beat the Stormers by 12 points 

Bulls vs Cheetahs

There is one thing to be said about Morne Steyn - at Loftus his kicking at goal remains a real threat to opposing teams and opposing teams are well-advised not to give away penalties in their own half of the field.  They also have a potential game breaker in Jan Serfontein in their midst.  But will Ludeke in fact select Serfontein - for  Ludeke is known for suffering fron an advanced level of stupiditis.     He might just not pick him at 12.  On the other hand the Bulls have serious problems up front - their props are really weak and the outstanding forward player in their squad has been Arno Botha.   Stupiditis may also have an impact here and Ludeke could omit Botha from playing in the starting line up.   Their Australasian tour was a diaster with 1 win and 3 losses.   The Cheetahs have had an excellent tour.    They have now won 5 games in a row and am going to be highly motivated to make it 6 in a row,  The Cheetahs have the top flank combination in the tournamet.   They really have an exciting backline and is not afraid to use it to maximum advantage.   

The Cheetahs to beat the Bulls  by 9 points         

Now lets hear from you as what you think the results would be.                      




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RE: SA Franchises - Results forecast
April 09, 2013, 15:50:50

The Bulls have been a little up and down, but after a week off and playing at loftus, but the Cheetahs are playing the better rugby and look more settled. I dunno, its a tough call.


I agree regarding the Kings and the Sharks.


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RE: SA Franchises - Results forecast
April 09, 2013, 18:05:58

Any further comments on thisone from the fundi's?


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RE: SA Franchises - Results forecast
April 09, 2013, 20:44:51

Well heres my selections for the weekend (and Superbru)!

BRUMBIES to beat Highlanders by 7 - Highlanders will need to watch the kings for tips

CHIEFS to beat Reds by 7 - Tough one but going Chiefs at Home

HURRICANES to beat Blues by 7 - hurricanes are starting to gel well

REBELS to beat Southern Kings by 7    Kings have proved me wrong every week so lets see if they can do it in Australia.

CRUSADERS to beat Force by 7 -  Force has no chance

SHARKS to beat Stormers by 5  Sharks may just nip this one at newlands.Stormers looking thin on talent after injuries to key players.

BULLS to beat Cheetahs by 5 - cannot see the Bulls loseing at Loftus! A rested desperate Bulls team is going to stop the wining streak of the cheetahs.


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RE: SA Franchises - Results forecast
April 09, 2013, 22:52:12

mr debbs

I would really be surprized if the Bulls win this one.   There are too many negatives around - especially up front.  The Cheetahs has good props - the Bulls iffy ones.   Strauss  over Rallepele - no contest.   Back row - the Cheetahs have an real and substansive edge here.  After the traiing camp announcement they are going to be the hell in and punish Meyer's pets badly.

Hougaard is a roulette choice - he showed nothing really positive before injury and if not playing - Vermaak is a real joke. Morne is Morne - kick and kick and kick.   The Cheeths are going to love that - they are going to run at the Bulls all the time  and eventually - like against the Crusaders holes are going to be aplenty,   


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RE: SA Franchises - Results forecast
April 10, 2013, 01:45:03

 Kings vs Rebels

Rebels by 5

The forward pack of the Rebels will be looking to inflict punishment on the Rebel pack was has been woeful to date. The Backs are improving, and it will be interesting to see if the roll mauls will have the same impact as with the Sharks game against the Rubels.


Stormers vs Sharks

Sharks by 7


This game is a season defining game for the Stormers

If the Stormers can win this game, they can turn their season around.

The cut the deficit of the SA conference leads by 5.

A win will mean they are still well in the hunt because both the Sharks and Stormers have to tour- and the Stormers have an easier tour as well as games to finish than the Sharks.


A loss means they are certainly concede the SA conference title (a top 3 position).

A loss may also mean a good chance they will not make the top 6 finals.


Bulls vs Cheetahs

Cheetas by 12


It is also possibally a season defining game for the Bulls. A victory by the Cheetas will mark a possibale change of powershift within the SA conference. 

I want the Cheetas to win - as it will prove that SA teams can use their backline to attack like New Zealand and the best Australian sides. It will auger well for the Springboks(Perhaps not with Hieneken Me-Buller).It would be a victory for running rugbyh vs kick and chase pressure the opposition into not playing well.

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