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4355 Topic: Fantasy results

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Fantasy results
April 08, 2013, 15:33:14


First of all - congratulations on your first in our League.   You definitely gained another 7 points on me - but I must have had a brain seizure to make Hosea Gear my captain for the week.  Keeping Conrad Smith would have made a massive difference and making either Bekker or Strauss my captain and I would have been ahead of you.   I will be more careful in future.  Congrats also on Savea - he really was a top find.

The next one I want to mention is the Hurrican Ally league  - the present league leader had a gain of 17 points on you - but you are closing in rapidly on the ex-leader and now 12 points behind him.  Keep it up and I am sure you will be second next week and first in a few more weeks.

I am in a real mess this coming week.   I want to bring Savea on board and is likely to let go of Elstadt.   I am going to keep Sam Whitelock and Matt Todd for one more week - since they are playing against the Force and if Pyke can shine against them - the I hope Whirtelock can do the same.   Same with Todd and I am going to put Coetzee on the bench and go with Ardea, Labuschagne and Todd as my loosies.   Next go will be Todd and I will bring in Sam Cane.

The problem is further out though.   I want to get rid of Williams and bring in Mogg this week - provided Mogg is playing again.   Then I would change Groom for Genia.

Next week is a bit more complicated wih the 3 byes.  There will be four changes next week in any event.   .   Likely changes is going to be Folau to replace Gear, Cane to replace Todd, Slipper to replace Robinson and Kahui to replace Jordaan. 

The above obviously depends on team announcements and there being no injuries to cater for.

After next week there is no dount that Etzebeth would replace Whitelock,   Lautua will replace Simmons,  leaving another vacancy for injries or other emergencies.

Can I kindly have your comments on the above.  





sasuke uchiha

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RE: Fantasy results
April 08, 2013, 19:11:55

thanks i was very satisfied with all the fantasy & even super bru results this week, but still along way to go. i just checked out testrugby and was very pleased with my progress here, i finally cracked the top 3 & am now looking to cement my place there and more importantly gain some ground on the sleepingiants & boss123 something rather, lolz.
as for the huurcianes ally, that is a league of concern, the guy who is currently leading is a kiwi who lives in SA & last year he easily won our league by something like 500pts, he was also in the top 10 worldwide & at various stages was sitting at number 2 worldwide, but he never managed to crack top spot to the best of my recollection.

but regarding some of ur transfers this week, im a little 50/50 with how the crusaders will do this week, even though its against the lowly force.
crusaders are returning from a tough battle after battaling SA two strongest teams the sharks and the cheetahs, so the travel & big game weariness will have taken its toll on them. they have a horrendus injury count & players who are MIA & given the quality of the force they now also have to fight complacency.
all this sounds like a recipe for an upset.
but the reality is the crusaders should still smash the force, but strganger things have happened, just ask the overrated brumbies, LMAO, :oP

for ur immediate selections i never rated elstad from a fantasy point of veiw, but i do rate him a lot. there are many options u can go with in regards to the looseforwards, i will be rolling with ardie savea again this week, but consistency is still unchartered waters for him considering its only his second game.
other solid options form a foxpsort point of view are liam gill, sam cane & jacques englebrecht & im looking at bringing in either cane or englebrecht this week for george smith.

hlafback is argubally the hardest position to get a player with a consistent run, but i am totally with u when it comes to recrutiing genia. i am seriously considering transferring him in this week. the main thing stopping me is, i have richard kinig on the bench & the rebels are playing the kings, so he might have a few more scoring chances this week. top that of with my need to get rid of ben alexander & i might recruit genia next week instead.

mogg for williams is pretty sound i guess, but ive never bought the brumbies hype & something tells me that the boat which the kings rocked last week is only the beginning??? i would roll down a differnt path like with say digby, but for now im content with my current selections.
for what its worth, i got a strong feeling that gear is going to have a big game this week against the brumbies, my spider senses are tingling so to speak, lolz.


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RE: Fantasy results
April 08, 2013, 19:52:34


Thanks my friend,   At times I am totally off the bloody trail with selections and I am going to try and get back some sanity.   No let me think logically.  the Rebels had two very por games in SA and ran all over the Force in Perth.   It is likely that the same would happen insofar as the Cruusaders are concerned - but have a faint recollection that the Rebels beat the Crusaders last year- oops - so eveything is possible.

Insofar as loosies are concerned I was going to keep Todd because of the opposition and to put Coetzee on the bench.  I do not contemplate any change insofar as Labuschagne is concerned - and I think he will have an excellent game against the Bulls.    Je maintains high standards of performance and as far as I am concerned remains my anchor loosie.   Todd is the one to go - but I am hoping he produce something against the Force.  The week afte that he is a goner and my favourite New Zealand player - Cane will be back in my squad.    

Whitelock was horrible in the Sharks game - but I guess if Pyke can succeed in Perth - he may just e able to do it.   I was considering him with Luatua - but the Blues will have a bye next week - so that one will have to wait a bit.  In any event my ultimate locks will be Etzebeth, Bekker nd Luatua.

I will be quite frank with you - the person who killed any hopes of the Highlanders last week was Nonu - he killed the backline and Gear had to go and search for scraps to get even nearthe ball.    If Mogg is indeed playing I would search  for anothe player.  My first inclination would be Ioane - but he is also still on th injury list,   May ultimately have to decide about Folau and him.

Anyway thanks for the info.

That Kiwi living in SA is a bloody traitor.  I was wondering why he had so many SA players in his team - now I know. LOL

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