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4234 Topic: Highlanders - Reds Game

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Highlanders - Reds Game
March 29, 2013, 10:54:48

By scoring four tries The Reds deserve their victory.   The Highlanders tried - but is still found wanting.  

I do believe that there is a problem with the Highlanders play up and down games and their key players are making serious errors.   Take for instance Nonu - a brilliant try - but alo the guy that makes stupid handling errors and mistakes.   Smith good distributor - but knocking on a ball when the Highlanders are 5 meters out.   Worse of all Hore getting yellow-carded with a number of poor line-out throws.

When will the Highlanders ever win a game?  Looks like it is a distant dream.  Best advice - asking Mozart for some further rugby geriatrics he would recommend for you to sign up.  Then the losses would be wider than now - but at least the average age of the tem would be over 33 - his desired objective.


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RE: Highlanders - Reds Game
March 29, 2013, 12:44:38

Another nz side goes down. Hahahahha wonder what excuse saSUE/aka storminED will make this time!!.

Mike if Moz and the coach had listened to you and ou snapster jean would have been history years ago - instead of being our best center. The time to blood a player and the time to retire a player are issues requiring judement and hence the problems you and snapter are having.ROTFL ROTFLROTFL

Going home shortly to watch the game but saw this report on Keo.

The Reds have registered their first ever Super Rugby victory in Dunedin.

The Reds managed to hold on late in the match, winning 34 – 33 after having a 21 – 16 half time lead.

The Reds kept the Highlanders winless for another weekend of Super Rugby 2013, overwhelming them in the first half by scoring three tries. The Highlanders kept themselves in the match with a few penalties and a single try from Elliot Dixon.

The second half started in much the same way, the Reds having all the possession and eventually scoring their bonus point fourth try. Highlanders coach Jamie Joseph made a host of changes and it was these replacements that turned the match around for the home team.

The last twenty minutes saw a new patient Highlanders style, which resulted in two tries and suddenly, their first win was within grasp. It wasn’t to be though, as handling errors cost them late in the match, and the Reds held on for what was their first ever win in Dunedin.

The Reds will be delighted that firstly, they got the full five points, and secondly, captain James Horwill lasted a full hour while Will Genia played the entire match without a problem. The Reds depth has been tested so far this season, and with injuries drying up, the team is coming together and showing signs of the Champion team we saw two years ago.

The Highlanders struggled to get over the advantage line all game, lacking potency on attack with players not knowing what the other is going to do. This all resulted in passes going astray or going forward.

The Reds now have a bye and the Highlanders will head to Auckland to face the Blues.

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