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4232 Topic: Fat Chance guide to Round 7

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Fat Chance guide to Round 7
March 29, 2013, 01:45:28

Highlanders have a fat chance of winning a game this season...Reds win by 12


Snowballs chance in hell of the Kings beating the Hurricanes... Hurricanes by 20


Chiefs will be scalping their latest victim,  the Blues have a fat chance...Chiefs by 20


Cheetahs looking like winners will no doubt win with a bonus point as the Rebs have a fat chance this year full stop .


Stormers keep losing to the Crusaders again and again and again. Not good if you're a big fat Stormer supporter like me , Beeno and Mozart i tell you...

In fact they've lost eleven out of the last thirteen games.

So given the laws of probability eventually the Stormers will prevail if my maths is correct . But i give the Stormers a fat chance on Saturday even without their stars the Crusaders by 8



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RE: Fat Chance guide to Round 7
March 29, 2013, 05:58:13

Welcome back Fatso

I m going togive you my winning suggestions as provided on Supersport - but where I was one of the worst forecasters ever though - but lets see hie week.:-

Reds by  9 Points - he bloody Highlanders are pathetic

Hurricanes by 33 Points

Chiefs by 9 Points

Bulls by 6 Points

Cheetahs by 18 Points

Stormers by 12 Points

Waratahs by 21 Points

The above results are realistic - but the one about the BULL [removed]TERS - is just o be otherwise than all the other posters.  Much like the site warned me that my picks last week was different from 95% of other forecasters.- so the joke is likely to be the case here again.


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