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4231 Topic: andre taylor not far away from his best,,,,
sasuke uchiha

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andre taylor not far away from his best,,,,
March 28, 2013, 22:21:14

Taylor not far away

 - Getty Images

Andre Taylor doesn't believe he is too far away from rediscovering his scintillating form of 2012.

The Hurricanes fullback had a stellar Investec Super Rugby campaign last year, scoring 10 tries and setting up plenty of others with his blistering runs from deep.

But this year, under closer scrutiny from opposition teams, the 25-year-old has struggled to have the same impact and has yet to score a try.

He has also had problems holding on to the ball which has further stymied his potency on attack.

"I don't think it's my form that's not as good, it's just those little handling errors that I need to sort out," explained Taylor who has been restored to the Hurricanes starting XV for Saturday's game against the Southern Kings after being dropped to the bench for the Highlanders game two weeks ago.

"My defence has been strong so if I can just tidy up those things I'll be back."

Taylor is an instinctive player but admits he has probably been over-thinking things on the field and trying too hard.

"I think I've been playing away from how I usually play. I've got to bring that back and that's just making a decision and going with it," he said.

"I was more focusing on the team and more the pattern play. But then in the Highlanders game Alama [assistant coach Alama Ieremia] was quite happy with me just playing my own game.

"He's said just go and do the same this week."

Taylor has also removed himself from the team's strategy group to take some of the pressure off.

"I haven't pulled myself out completely," he added. "I'm just having a couple of weeks just to try and focus on my footy.

"Once that starts coming back then maybe I'll join here and there. It's not completely out of the picture."

He's also banished any thoughts of the All Blacks after the disappointment of missing out last year.

"I was playing some of the best footy I've played in my life and not to make it was a big thing," Taylor said.

"I said to myself this year just go out and play for the Hurricanes and do what's best for the team at the moment. Whatever happens after that happens.

"I'm just fully committed to the Hurricanes and worrying about my job here."

Meanwhile, Ieremia confirmed that both captain Conrad Smith (bruised heel) and halfback TJ Perenara (calf) had been passed fit for the game at Westpac Stadium.

It is the first visit for the Kings, who replaced the Lions in the South African conference this year.

Matt [removed]ton's side were soundly beaten by the Crusaders last weekend.

"It was a tough game for them," said Ieremia. "They've done it tough. It's the first time they've been on the road. This is their second game here [in New Zealand] so they will certainly be adjusted to that. We're definitely not underestimating them at all."

sasuke uchiha

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RE: andre taylor not far away from his best,,,,
March 28, 2013, 22:25:57

WTF is andre talking about??? its not just the little things like handaling errors, u were more interested in pretending u were a painting whose job it was to be seen & nothing else. after two games in a row where he thought he could get away with that bizzare and surprise surprise ineffective tactic, he finally goes looking for work in the game against the saders, only he mistakened a stick of butter for his hands & ran out with yellow butter fingers.

taylor has been [removed] all year, hes lucky to be back in the starting lineup, cos marshall has shwon more at fullback in his limited opportunities.

i cant stop LMAO at taylors disappointment at not being an All Black, cos his form this year is 100% justification for his non selection last year.
theres been better players then one season wonder taylor who have missed out on an All blacks spot taylor, so focus on the now or move to australia and go play for the wallabies, :o)


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RE: andre taylor not far away from his best,,,,
March 28, 2013, 23:04:27


Why do you want this guy to play for the poor Wallabies"  They have Folau - is that not bad enough? I understand that Beale will not play for a while to try and straighten himself out.   Massive undertaking - since he is an unvivilized speciman with a foul mouth and can drink any Aussie under the table.  Taylor may just fit nicely into the Rebels  team - but then he would be too near to you and you may get inspired to kick his ass - because he let your beloved Canes down so badly.

Nice to hear about Conrad Smith though.  I always have problems because I do not think he is really a strong defender.  Cannot fit him into the team this week because I am stuck wih Bieber and still have to settle that loosie issue    Planning to bring him in next week though - but that may be too late for me as well.  

The other option is to bring in only one loosie if the Arsehole announce his team and keep Elstadt for the game against the  Crusaders - as loosie and then sell Bieber and buy Smith.  Maybe I should have a look at that one, especially since the Hurricanes is playing aginst the Kings and the Cheetahs is likely to play the fool with the Rebels.

Meantime the [removed] is keeping us waiting.,


sasuke uchiha

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RE: andre taylor not far away from his best,,,,
March 28, 2013, 23:47:57


lolz, i dont really want him to go play for the wallabies, was just venting my frustrations out at the expense of taylors All Black ambitions plus the wallabies mass recrutiment of new zealand born players, ie quade cooper, digby ioane, pek cowan, mike harrison,,,

i managed to bring in conrad for both fantasy teams, for some reason i dont have a problem recruting players i want, after confirming my transefers in foxsport, i will have roughly 560k in the bank & testrugby is going teave me with something between 1 million to 1.1 milion, but that all depends on there being no more surprises from now till deadline.

etsdat gets average scores on foxsport and hes cheap, so keeping him wouldnt be the worst idea. i had him in my team ;last year a lot, but he was always on the bench, depndable and still is.hes pretty kak on though.

those coaches are starting to irk me a lot, especially white the [removed], o_O

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