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4230 Topic: Beale: The Latest Australian player to undergo counselling

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Beale: The Latest Australian player to undergo counselling
March 28, 2013, 22:03:17

Beale to undergo counseling


Australia flyhalf Kurtley Beale, who was sent home from South Africa after a brawl with Melbourne Rebels teammates, has been indefinitely suspended, the Super Rugby side said on Thursday.

The incident on the team bus came in the wake of a record 64-7 drubbing for the Rebels by South Africa's Sharks in Durban on Saturday and both Beale and teammate Cooper Vuna were stood down after an club investigation.

Beale, who did not play in the Sharks match due to injury, has agreed to undergo counselling, the Rebels said in a statement on their website (

"We sincerely hope that Kurtley will now embrace the assistance required to beat the issues that have been plaguing his life over the last period of time," Rebels chief executive Steven Boland said.

"We will fully support Kurtley through this process and hope that there is a time not far down the track when he can rejoin his teammates at the Rebels."

The Australian Rugby Union said that the Wallaby back had admitted he was fault and accepted a substantial fine.

"This is an important step for Kurtley and the ARU feels an obligation to assist in ensuring, regardless of rugby, that he moves forward in a positive manner," ARU Chief Executive Bill Pulver told Australian media.

"He knows he needs to be accountable for his actions, and he is determined to overcome the challenges he has faced in recent times.

"The unfortunate matter in South Africa was not an isolated incident for Kurtley.

"He understands it was unacceptable and, most critically, acknowledges he needs to make changes."


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RE: Beale: The Latest Australian player to undergo counselling
March 29, 2013, 08:05:20

Despite his playing skills this guys a disgrace to Australian rugby and a liability...a psychological you can have a guy in a team that assaults his team mates in public while out in bale for a similar incident is beyond human understanding. A huge liability in a team that has already problems with team coordination and spirit...get rid of him.

sasuke uchiha

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RE: Beale: The Latest Australian player to undergo counselling
March 29, 2013, 12:21:22

beales not the first or last athlete to acr like a complete tool on liquor, i feel sorry for beale more then i feel contempt for him, but he was still a [removed] head, cooper vunas stock has also gone up heaps in my book.

i kind of get the feeling that beale will be back in time for the lions series, but if i was the ARU and robbie deans, i would cut him out completely, i wouldnt make a public spectacle out of it, but i wouldnt consider him for the lion s tour.
by not selecting him, the ARU will send a huge message to others coming up abut reaping what u sow.
wallabies are also in a real nice position at the moment where they have some real quality depth around the country.
if some of those frontline players should get injured & they have no other choice, then they can recall beale into the squad. if they kept it quiet, then they wouldnt have to worry about the egg on thier faces and so on.

my bealess wallabies backline would be,,,
9 will genia
10 christain leilafano
11 digby ioane
12 will tupou
13 AAC
14 james bieber
15 jese mogg

20 nick phibbs
21 quade cooper
22 alfie mafie

funny side story
on rugby HQ australias weekly rugby show, they have been interveiwng sports commentators from up north for the up incoming lions tour.
one commentator said and its good to see welshman gareth delve doing his lions duty and getting an important wallaby player suspended, LMAO, :oD


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RE: Beale: The Latest Australian player to undergo counselling
March 29, 2013, 12:37:12

In my considered opinion, having taken note of many an indescretion by nz players, I have to conclude there are not enough councellors of sound mind in nz to cope with the deranged oaks who live and play rugby there.

Oz has a few problems from time to time as well.

Why can't they behave as well as we do is the question?

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