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4117 Topic: Take a bow Jake White

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Take a bow Jake White
March 17, 2013, 13:23:35

By mclook at Suppersport

 If the Brumbies don’t win the S15 this year they will win it within the next two years. My prediction – they are going to do it this year.


White is a perfect match as a coach for Australian rugby -as I’ll explain in a moment- and my second prediction is, therefore, that he’ll be the next Australian national coach.

Jake is a set-piece and defensive structure man which is what Ozzie rugby struggles with due to their Ozzie league influence. Jake’s biggest problem as a Springbok coach was his inability to move beyond set piece and defence. Flair or fast pace phase-after-phase-running-rugby is as natural to Aussie rugby as set piece rugby is to South African rugby. Jake, therefore, doesn’t really need to worry about teaching Aussie players to run with the ball. Credit to him for not trying to coach that out of them. (Hence the Value of Eddie Jones to our efforts)

Robbie Deans problem is he is trying to change the phase-play-Aussie-style into the NZ dominate-the-breakdowns-with-bulky-loose-forwards-style. Jake’s approach is to leave Aussie phase rugby as it is but to add to it structure at set piece and on defence. The result is a team that is competitive at set piece, almost impenetrable on defence, disruptive at the tackle ball -due to the rush-up type defence- but who have an innate ability to switch from defence into attack before you can say ‘blink-your-eyes’. (That was the Brumbies in the firest half for sure)

You take the Wallabies with their natural ability and desire to run with the ball and you induce discipline on defence, good tactical kicking -to ensure you play in the opponents half of the field- and physicality at the breakdowns and you have a world beater.

My third prediction is as a consequence that Australia is going to win the next world cup with Jake White as coach.

It is ultimately a sad tale for SA rugby. The sad part is that Jake grew-up after burning down his bridges in SA. Sadder, however, is the fact that SARU just couldn’t see what they had in Jake; a sort of a rugby coaching genius. It is told that Danie Craven instructed the under 20 coach at Maties to not interfere with Mannetjies Roux but to adjust to what he does because genius is temperamental. Craven understood that interfering would ruin the authentic contribution that’s part of what genius brings to the table.

It is always easy to see something clearer in hindsight and the truth is that most SA rugby supporters felt at the time that Jake had become too predictable as Springbok coach and that it was time for him to move on.(Move on to oupdv Hahahahhahahahahahaha how daft was that!!! Not sure most agreed we should get rid of Jake after winning the world cup!!!)

Jake understood his own limitations hence the reason why he added Eddie Jones to his coach staff during the 2007 RWC tournament. (Of course you need speacialsits and you need to knwo how to choose your support staff - Meyers choice of the unknown loubscher is a big concern)

I believe that Jake would have proceeded on that path, had he stayed on, as coach. I also think that we would have had a good change winning the 2011 RWC with him as coach. We will never know; one thing we do know is that Jake is a great coach. In almost 20 years of Super rugby no side won more than 5 matches away from home. Jakes’ Brumbies just won their sixth match on the road. A first – undoubtedly helped by the fact that they played mostly Aussie sides so far this year.

The Sharks however sit with a Springbok front row that gave the Bulls and Stormers major problems at the set piece this year. This weekends’ solid win by the Brumbies over the Sharks therefore says a lot about how far the Brumbies have come with Jake as coach.

Take a bow Jake you’ve showed you have the ability to grow and move beyond your comfort zone; something that the current Springbok coach was unable to do last year.

The current in[removed]bent coach had huge issues to deal with given the injuries and departures of so many players. I have no problems with Meyer other than why he chose Louncher as his backline coach -political interference possibly.

Meyers record in the cir[removed]stances was excellent and will be better this year barring those dreaded injuries to key players and bent nz refs. The latter are so proficient at their craft they are very difficult to beat!!

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