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4107 Topic: The Chariot crashes and burns

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The Chariot crashes and burns
March 16, 2013, 21:27:59

What a time they will have in Cardiff tonight as Wales produced one of their great wins. England weren't in the game after the half. Actually England weren't in the game from the moment rugby myth Old King Cole started leaking penalties at the scrum. That was the rotten core of the English effort.


But there are far too many of these Pom players who are overated. Are Tuilagi, who was tackled into oblivion by Jamie Roberts, who seemed to be assigned to mark him,  and Barritt with his crawling runs, really top class centres?


Is Brown a good enough athlete to play international Ashton anything but a muscle bound thug? Even Farrell's boot failed.....this was the kind of game where a Morne or a Monty would have made the kicks. And Danny Care, how poor is that guy, his tackle attempt on Warburton and that kick when the Poms had an ovelap.


There wasn't one Pom on the park who could hold his head high after that game.....but the writing has been on the wall for the last few games.


If I was the Lions coach, I'd start with Halfpenny and Phillips both of whom were excellent. Obviously the Welsh wings did well and Roberts nullified the Poms in mid field.


And it's nice to see Warburton having a great game , after that controversial RWC red....he is a superb player. But Faletau and Tipuric were also was Adam Jones.


This seemed like a walk in the park at the end....but there was a lot of very physical play in the first half which finally looked up to SH standards. Wales have a team here that could be effective in RWC15....playing in conditions they understand.


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RE: The Chariot crashes and burns
March 16, 2013, 21:57:33

 I only watched the second half and couldnt believe that this was the england side that whipped the wee abs so soundly.

Why the decline? Or are the abs that bad?


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RE: The Chariot crashes and burns
March 16, 2013, 22:14:44

 The ABs got a little complacent I think. Honestly I can't think of any players in this Pom team who I would pick for the Boks.....some may be as good, but none I would prefer

black adder

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RE: The Chariot crashes and burns
March 16, 2013, 22:37:40

Beanob the ABs were weakened last year with food poisening but still only managed to drop one game.

We still managed to kick your butt on your home soil and also in NZ just to jog yr selective memory.  Thats how bad the ABs are . A shocking 99.9% success rate bad.

The Welsh victory just proving how random the English win was. You understand random Beanob? The Stormers have had one random win( albeit controversial due to dodgy yarpy refereeing ) all year so not much to write home about dumbarse . But you get the idea about randomness i take it.

Winning consistently Beanob like the famous ABs is what it's all about and something which you will probably never grasp so i'm probably wasting my breath trying to explain such an unfamiliar concept to a dumbarse like you,


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RE: The Chariot crashes and burns
March 17, 2013, 00:07:26

Still black adder, losing to that Pom team by as much as you chaps did, must bespeak of some issues. I mean, in spite all the Pomerania will be back nonsense, they are utterly toothless.

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