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4102 Topic: The Brumbies was great - wonderful display

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The Brumbies was great - wonderful display
March 16, 2013, 19:10:02

First of all - congratulations to the Brumbies - they thoroughly deserve the great voctory after a top display.

Now let me get to the Sharks - where did it all went wrong.   The weakest link was expected - no doubt once again Francois Steyn.   During that try-scoring spree of the brumbies he missed three tackles ompletely and rushed up a fourth time to take a tackle and Lealifano just run past him like he was not there.   In desperation Plumtree brought on Bosman after Lu[removed]'s injury and moved Steyn to full back.   But even there he failed badly and the last minute debacle was typical.  Before that he ran straight into defenders and conceeded a penalty.   Another -50 performance by the useles, slow one.

The players who tried to make a difference in the first half was rare - the only two that can really be mentioned was Lambie and Jordaan.   In the second half the Sharks played better.   This was due to the elimination of the Steyn factor in the backline and the brininging on of Du Toit who in fact had a very good game.   The better play by Lambie and Jordaan continued - and Coetzee showed some life in that half.   On the whole the team was really not up to standard - end of storuy.

I think that Jannie Du Plessis is a weak link in the Sharks props and that something needs to be done there.  Bressler had a poor game and Daniels vanished in most of the time.

If I have to pick a Sharks team based on today's performance it would be s follows:-

15     Lu[removed]

14     Pietersen

13     Jordaan

12     Bosman

11     Ndungane

10    Lambie

  9     Reinach

  8     Kankowski

  7     Daniel  (?)

  6    Coetzee

  5     Van der Merwe

  4    Du Toit

  3    Definitely not Du Plessis

  2   Definitely not Burden

  1   The Beast

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