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4082 Topic: Round 5 Predictions

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Round 5 Predictions
March 15, 2013, 08:33:51

In the interest of the Chiefs the Sharkies need to win against the Brumbies so am putting my order in now Sharkbok and i'll fix you up when i'm rich and famous....


The Bulls could roll the Crusaders which would make the Sharkies and Bulls favourites in the SA conference and goodbye stormers...

..More beneficial to the Chiefs and NZ rugby in general if Saders win though so the stormers might have a sniff. 


Highlanders vs Hurricanes

Go the Canes... How good are the Hurricanes???


Chiefs / Kings

Kings only missed one tackle last week.

How many will they miss this week against the Mighty Chiefs before the bonus point try?


Reds against the Force

...given the number of Kiwis living in Queensland 

and Reds being practically a Kiwi team i'm guessing ...easy win..


Cheetahs vs Warratahs

Can't see anyone backing the Cheetahs despite all the adulation bestowed upon their golden boy.

Good test for Goosen ... the next Daniel Carter LMAO


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RE: Round 5 Predictions
March 15, 2013, 13:11:04

brycy you are so transparent to me. It is very obvious after the Mighty Stormers whipping the wee chiefies with a severely depleted match 22 that your deep concern is the said Mighty Stormers.

Goodbye the Stormers if the Bulle and sharkies win!!! Hahahahahahaha


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RE: Round 5 Predictions
March 15, 2013, 17:56:26

Bean Brain looks now like the Cheetahs , Sharks and Bulls all have a chance of taking out the SA conference...interested to know which team will you be supporting apart from the Mighty Chiefs when it comes to the finals ?  and Bean Brain congrats on securing another win this weekend without taking out yr chequebook...

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