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3878 Topic: Who will win New Zealand conference?
sitting bull

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Who will win New Zealand conference?
February 27, 2013, 07:18:19

 Sport Poll

              Blues                                      18%

              Chiefs                                   150%

  • Hurricanes                             75%
  • Crusaders                              50%
  • Highlanders                          13%

...MightyChiefs looking good mockingbirds when you do the math.  Looks like a bit of a drought you're having Moonbean... Hope the Sharkies don't bite your bum like last year haha ....sitting bull enjoying Super XV rugby and one day sitting bull might even own a tv and watch Mighty Chiefs live ...


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RE: Who will win New Zealand conference?
February 27, 2013, 08:42:21

Sitting Bull these are very dubious nz stats I have to point out!!! Also buying a TV may save on your travel expenses. Aslo one sunny day does not make a drought.

The Mighty Stormers are like a great hurricane that starts with a mild breeze and then gathers strength and blows all away.

Please don't encourage these insufferable guppie blowhards Sitting Bull - they have clearly ignored the ominous warnings of the Currie Cup and the fact they almost got beaten by the Cheetahs. To these numbskulls its an easy 50 pointer win - if rooitwits funny little picture is to be believed

But good luck to the Chiefs sititng bull hope you guys make the playoffs so we can show you the exit door!

I think the sharks are banking on three things. Firstly, that the poor form of the Stormers will continue. Secondly, they Know the mighty Stormers will be without powerhouses, Tiaan Liebenberg, Etzebeth and Schalk Burger. They are also counting on Alistair playing Jantjes and his imploding.

The fact is we are unlikely to be at our best but given how we munched the guppies in the Currie Cup (they were almost at full strength and we were miles off it) they should be beware lest their chest beating comes back to bite them. But alas nothing ever stops chest beating guppies from making complete twits of themselves. Teethy




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RE: Who will win New Zealand conference?
February 27, 2013, 09:17:23


Let me quote you here and now:-

"But alas nothing ever stops chest beating guppies from making complete twits of themselves."

I am saying again -

  *   Coetzee will make a fool of himself by selecting De Jongh at 13"; and

  *   Jantjies under pressure will implode again.

I can see it in my minds eye already - Coetzee and Du Toit running straight at Jantjies in the channel and him sitting on his backside looking sheepishly at them progressing towards the try-line.   Next scene De Jongh attacking the gain line and being tackled back five meters - hanging onto the ball and giving away a penalty like it does not mean anything. 

The useless Stormers are their own worst enemies - selecting duds in important positions.  I say the Sharks by 14+ points.   GO FOR IT SHARKS



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RE: Who will win New Zealand conference?
February 27, 2013, 09:28:31

Sitting Bull ... Not sure I agree with the Blues percentage. They impressed this past weekend and certainly seem to be playing with the right attitude. I haven’t seen a hungry Blues team like this for many a year. It’s great to see. A lot of new names will be well known come seasons end.


The Hurricanes underestimated them and paid the price. I’m expecting a lot more from the Canes this year as well. They are a settled side with a good pack. Shields is one I’m hoping to see shine this season.


Highlanders have a bit of an issue at the breakdown this year, especially with Thomson out. Their game plan last season was focused on winning the collision there and obtaining turn over ball. They have a good back line but need quality ball from their pack to loose their magic on the opposition but with Nasi Manu out as well, it’s gonna be a struggle. I expect they’ll once again be bottom loggers even though they have wizards like Nonu and Gear in their ranks.


Crusaders – need to have me a look see at their new game plan. Having said that, Dan Carter gives them a massif advantage. An extra man on the park when he plays. They certainly have a [removed]load of Whitelocks in their ranks … perhaps they should consider a name change.


The Chiefs looked good. It’s early days though. I think they’ll feel the loss of SBW and Tamalollo (sp) a little later in the season. It’s also important to get Masaga on the park as soon as possible. Awesome player.


I think your conference will be a lot closer than what the stats suggest. You could even find yourself with three teams in the play offs.


In the South African conference there’s only one real viable out come and that’s for the Sharks to walk it. The rest are just not up to the challenge this season.


In Oz, my money is on the Tahs and Brumbies making the play offs. Quade Cooper is hopelessly over rated. A chump if you ask me … and a liability to any team he plays for. The Reds had there time in the spot light but sadly, they're done.


Rebels are a big disappointment so far. I expected a lot more from them these last two games. Beale is out of sorts and if they insist on playing him at 10, will drag this team toward the wooden spoon. Bringing O’Connor in at 10 and pushing Beale back to 15 would alleviate their current stuttering game plan.


Sharks / Brumbies final in Durban.



sasuke uchiha

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RE: Who will win New Zealand conference?
February 28, 2013, 08:13:51

the winner of the NZ confence will be between the crusaders and cheifs. im leaning towards the crusaders, but thats because the wind is blwing me in that direction.

both teams are IMO the two strongest teams in the competition and im also picking one or the other to win the whole comp.

cheifs have lost taumalolo and SBW which are huge losses, but they do have rennie and smith who are IMO the best cheif recruitments since the club was formed.
they also have a very talented team, with solid amazing players and depth all round.

crusaders pretty much have the same squad which like the chiefs is riddled with classy depth. their opening match this weekend has them feilding 10 past and present All Blacks, thats not including the 3 All Blacks who will make an appearnace later on in the season.
i dont rate blackadder very much though, over the years he has not shown anything new with the crusaders and seems to be sticking with the old crusades mantra instead of evolving their game whic the crusaders use to do better then anyone else.

veyr hard, but i think the NZ conference will look like this,,,
1 crusades/scheifs
2 cheifs/crusaders
3 blues
4 highlanders
5 hurricanes


while im as usual pessimistic about my teams chances, i do hope im proved wrong and thats not going to stop me from yelling,,,



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RE: Who will win New Zealand conference?
February 28, 2013, 10:06:29

Whilst only one round of games have been played  and the Crusaders not even playing a game as yet - most forecasts at this stage willbe based on sentiment and not really on performance.   That makes the foiorecast at this stage very uncertain.

I would agree wit Sasue that the top spot is likely to be contested between the Crusaders and th Chiefs - with my own feeling that ultimately the Crusaders will end up on top.   As such - my forecast as to standings is as follows:-

1   Crusaders

2   Chiefs

3    Blues

4    Hurricanes

5    Highlanders 

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