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3759 Topic: Assessment of Games - Round 1

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Assessment of Games - Round 1
February 16, 2013, 20:49:31

Rebels - Western Force Game

A very tight game that the Force could have won.   In fact the Force had the better of most exchanges in the game and - unlike my initial thoughts of the team - in fact proved to be a very good team - despite the fact that they lost some big-name players to other franchises.   I always believe that some of the big-name players at times leave the teams they play for in the lurcch and I gained the impression that this was the case here as well.

The Force used their backline very well and their young flyhalf - Kyle Godwin - is a very good player.    Another very good player is Alf Mafi.   Insofar as the SA connection is concerned - Ebersohn came off the bench for the force   

The Rebels on the other hand  have a lot of bigname players in their midst.   Two of their outstanding players this week was Robinson and O'Connor.   However, I smell some weaknesses in the team - essentially7 amongst their forwards and their defence at times was problematic.

Insofar as the Round 2 games are concerned - I initially thought that the Kings may have a chance against  the Western Force - but after viewing their performance yesterday I have changed my mind and I now th8ink that they are going to be easy winners.

The Rebels are going to come up against the Brumbies and I think that the Brumbies are going to beat them with some ease - especially since the Brumbies forwards are very formidable and that is where the Rebels are going to lose out.

Brumbies - Reds Game

The Reds was one of the teams I favoured to end up high on the log.   However, they have the top backline players - but was not good enough on Saturday.   Basically there were two reasons for that, namely the quality of balls provided by the Red forwards and the eally top class defence of the Brumbies.   I think that unless they can overcome the forward problem - that they could be formidable.   Cooper was iffy and not really tops insofar as his performance today was concerned.

The Brumbies was deadly in defence and their full back was a relevation -  he would be a welcome addition to the Wallaby team.   Their forwards really gave a message on forward play to the Reds players.   There have been some problems though - especilly early in the game made some poor passes amongst their backline players - which could be problematic for them..   

Insofar as their Round two games are concerned I think the brumbies will beat the Rebels - especially if they get a stranglehold up front.   The other game is more difficult to predict - since the Waratahs strength can only be assessed with diue regard to their warm-up games are concrned.   I think the Waratahs should be the winners next week.  

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