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3738 Topic: Super Rugby round 1&2 game predictions!

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Super Rugby round 1&2 game predictions!
February 14, 2013, 14:19:56

Hi everyone!

One week (and a bit)  till super rugby kicks of for SA and im finally excited! what i want to know is what are your predictions for the games for round 1 (assuie openers) and round 2 ( the start to NZ and SA ). Just to see why people favour teams!

Round 1:

Brums vs reds: I say a reds win will be on the cards with copper set to play i believe that reds will have that attacking flare back and the brums defence last year was shocking in some games so i say reds win this one!

Force vs rebels: I give the edage to Force here i beleive that the rebels just are not there as a team still and will be lacking thus the force will walk away with the win!

Round 2:

Chiefs vs High: A lot harder to call than the above to with the lose of sonny bill to the chiefs i wonder if the attractive game they played last year will be there still with that psychological lose to the chiefs as well however the highlands had a very average season last year so still say that the chiefs will walk out on top.

Rebels vs brums: As i said above about the rebels... brums get my vote unless the rebels can show some attacking flair.

Bulls vs Stormers: This for me is now the hardest game to call the youth of bulls is  a plus and a loss the fact they will lack experince may be a factor however this may give them that little extra balls to make the bold plays. Also now with the lose of eben stomers are a much weaker team! However the rock hard defence of the stormers is nothing to be over looked! i see a low scoring game with the bulls just beating the stormers as it is a home game i see that as another plus to the bulls always hard to play at loftus(im a bulls fan but i do believe the psychological lose of eben will be the game changer).

Sharks vs cheethas: I say this will be very much a one way affair and we will see the sharks walk out the victors not much else to say!

Kings vs force: again i think this is going to be a very one way game with the force powering over a win against the kings... not going to be a good year for the kings i see coming!

Reds vs waras: i think this will be won purely on who plays better i rate these teams very close in skill level and rugby talent! reds have quade copper but the waras did make a close showing of many games last year however my chocice goes for reds as the fact cooper is there just gives them that little bit extra!

thats my thoughts would like to see what others think and if you disagree or agree with me :)


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