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3627 Topic: Varsity Cup Rugby

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Varsity Cup Rugby
February 04, 2013, 23:15:00

The varsaity Cup Rugby got underway and there wer two very interesting games played between -

*   Stellenbosch University (Maties) and Johannesburg University; 

*   Potchefstroom University (Pukke) and Pretoria University (Tujjies)

What is intersting in these games are the point count system and these are different from the established system, namely -

  *   A try counts 5 points;

  *   Conversion of a try - 3 points

  *   Penalty Goal  -   2 points

  *   Drop goal        - 2 points

The above results in teams virtually never take the goal kick option - even when a penalty is 10 meters away and directly in line with the posts and dropped goals are never seen in these games.    It only in fact happens when a team tries to consolidate their winning leas.   Say the score is 18 - 11 and a penalty is awarded 5 minutes before the final whsitle - the leading team would take a penalty kick or drop goal to ensre that the lead in fact is beyond 8 points - same with drop goal attempts.

I was always intrigued by this system as it definitely enhances the qquality of rugby plated.  On the negative side a defending team does not mind giving away penalties within kicking range.    Some referees are stricter than others and repeated obsrutive play leads to yellow cards..

Maties - Johannesburg University Game

The first game at Stellenbosch was played in a strong wind and in the first half Maties played against the wind in the first half.   Johannesburg Univesity with the winds at heir back  was on the attack virtually continuously  all the time and Maties had to defend virtually all the time.   Problem was Maties gave away far too many short-range penalties eithout production of any yellow cards.  Nevertheless - Johannesburg University only scored one converted try and led 8-0 at halfime.

Sfter halftime Maties came out in force and scored 4 tries - of which three was converted - and Johannes burg did not score any further points.   The final score was 29 - 8.    The interesting thing was that the loss buy the Under 20;s in their trial match was by a much smaller margin and that Under 20;s must really be a good side this year.

The other thing that struck me forcibly tonight was the mafnificient beauties of Stellenbosch.   It reminded me of a time I had to give a lecture there to post graduate students on privatisation of municipal services.  One of the other lecturers was a professor at Pretoria University.  Over lunch he said that he thought that they had many beautiful girls at Tuks - but what he saw at neelsie was beyond his wildest imagination.   No wander Taute decided to live in Stellenbosch - he must beware though his rugby can suffer because of female distractions.  LOL

Pukke - Tukkies Game

Very attractive game ultimately won by Pukke winning 26 - 23 - their first win ever in this competition against Tukkies.   On of the stand-out Tukkies players was William Small-Smith/    I have always thought very highly of him - especially since he was vice-caption of the Under 20 side last year and in fact because of injury to the captain in fact was captaining the side for a number of games.

I hope that this is not a sign that he is going to stop playing rugby on higher level and concentrate on his studies at University at this stage.   He is far too good a player for us to lose on higher level rugby.



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