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3579 Topic: Luke Watson full of regrets

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Luke Watson full of regrets
January 31, 2013, 21:24:18


Watson full of regrets

 Jan 28,2013

Written by: Editor

Kings skipper Luke Watson has

admitted to,

and expressed shame and

embarrassment for,

some of his controversial statements


landed him in trouble a few

seasons ago.

Watson admitted for the first time

that he said

South African rugby was ‘run by [removed]men’

but was remorseful about the comment.

"I have tried to deny it in the past, but the fact

of the matter is I slipped up and made a

mistake," he told SportsTalk in a radio interview.

"In a heated debate and discussion, I used those words.

"It is the one thing in my life that I regret more

than anything. In a heated moment, I took out my anger

and my frustration, all the hurt and the tough times

I have been through in my life.

"It’s something that even to this day I am deeply

ashamed and deeply embarrassed about,

because I have loads of [removed] friends,

loads of people in my life that have supported me

and invested in me in the [removed] community."

The former Springbok loose forward revealed that it

had not been his intention to discriminate

against [removed] people but that he

wanted to highlight the imbalances and

the inequality which he believed existed in

South African rugby.

"I never meant it in that regard," he explained.

"Do I believe that there is still a massive need for

transformation in this South African rugby? Yes.

"Do I believe that South African rugby is still controlled

by white people? Yes. Black people are not afforded

the same opportunities that they should be afforded.

The black community is not invested in, in the way it

should be."

Watson said he is committed to doing his best to

promote top flight rugby in the Eastern Cape and wants

to make a "constructive contribution" and be a

"good role model" for young rugby players in the future. 


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Comments (9)

Beeno1 says: 
Jan 29, 2013 at 08:27:02

Time to forgive and forget methinks.

One thing though no racist quota selections. Invest in black rugby etc- fine - but dont pick players because of their colour.

I would like Luke to come out strongly in favour of the merit principle. This is the only principle that is acceptable around the world and South Africa MUST adopt it in all spheres of life. 

hakwa says: 
Jan 29, 2013 at 10:28:29

 even if it means less Stormers players Beeno? 



Ek says: 
Jan 29, 2013 at 13:17:08

It will do alot towards his profile if he would come out in favour of a merit based priciple with grassroots level investment in development.

This i would not have an issue with.


blueblood says: 
Jan 29, 2013 at 13:41:15

 hakwa ??????????????????? w t f are you talking about 

hakwa says: 
Jan 30, 2013 at 08:06:12

 blueblood, Beeno gets it! Based on merit, there should be less stormers players in the Bok Team! Next time, say "excuse me pliz sir" and raise your hand if you want to say something to your elders otherwise children should be seen but not heard!


malbliksem says: 
Jan 29, 2013 at 21:33:49

 ok now u said u apologise for calling us [removed]men,, now u want a bok place back,,, I am a Donkey.


Brycy says: 
Jan 31, 2013 at 02:09:11

Bean Brain . Does he mean run by Dust men or [removed]men ? What's the big deal with that anyway ? What connotations are associated with this new word Bean Brain. Can i call you a [removed] or is being called [removed] offensive. People from Holland might say that it's a compliment.


Sharkbok says: 
Jan 31, 2013 at 21:16:33

 He should just apologise for his mistake, and not link this to equality for races. 

What has Luke Watson done for the Struggle?

Luke Watson has done nothing for the empowerment of equality, even though his father made a stand when it counted during Apartheid.


 He was still in Nappies when people of different races for fighting for the end of Apartheid. 


If he made a mistake then fine, just apologise- Do not try set himself up as a religious profet. 


Should I get a medal for saying that their should be development in poorer areas of South Africa to promote development in rugby? 



Sharkbok says: 
Jan 31, 2013 at 21:22:00

 What ever Cheeky Watson done during the struggle, was done by Cheeky alone. Not his self- absorbed son.


Luke- "Do I believe that South African rugby is still controlled by white people? Yes. Black people are not afforded the same opportunities that they should be afforded. The black community is not invested in, in the way it should be."


Last time I checked the goverment has been run by black people for allmost 20 years. Surely if anyone is investing it should be the government. 

When I played sport in School days as a white person, although I got to a decent level in sport and not being from a rich family- no one every invested in me. Why because I was white, or not black? No. 

Who really gets investment from Sports bodies. Amateur sport is a charity non profit series of organisations. No commerical body creates charity donations, unless for sponsorship and therefore capital gain from this investment. 

Who is Luke saying that should invest in black players, or white player etc etc? 

The goverement, the private commercial sector, the consumer public????



Arthur John

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RE: Luke Watson full of regrets
February 02, 2013, 17:26:03

No amount of remorse can ever excuse him from his "Puke" remark.

In my opinion he is a a...hole, always has been one and will always remain one.

During his time with the Sharks he proved that over and over.

He will never ever wear the Green and Gold again.


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RE: Luke Watson full of regrets
February 02, 2013, 19:45:15

 Water under the bridge.He was at times during 2003 -2007 one of SA's top performers in Super Rugby

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