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3577 Topic: The Insult Stakes - was their a winner?

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The Insult Stakes - was their a winner?
January 31, 2013, 17:34:05

Tomorrow we start with a full-blown Rugby Season - first of all there is the Wllington 7's followed on Saturday by warm up games and by the Six-Nations.

So I think we can now finally get back to discuss rugby issue - but the question remains - WHO WON THE INSULT STAKES.

*    The first blow was struck by A girl - he called evertone that disagree with him idiots, dimwitd and said they know [removed] all aboout rugby

*    Most of us ignored the onslaught - but Mozart struck back with fat and ugly claims - it looked like this would be a crushing blow - but it was not.

*   However, A girl is always a fighter and he struck back - this time with statements that would have all the potential to upset the applecart - homosequality and racism

*  Too much to take for some and they joined the fray.   To the fat and short statemens came another one - A girl is ugly

Now we are hopefully at the end of this Mighty Battle fought with great itensity.   The question I like to answer at this critical stage is - WHO WON?    Another issue is - is a tempoorary ceasfite until December 2013 possible? 

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